According to a local report, many young children have died after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine in India.

The mishap happened not long after India launched its clinical trials program of COVID-19 vaccine on children aged 2 to 18 at 525 centers in India.

More than 2000 children around India are now suffering the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) as an adverse reaction. Especially in Jaipur, where 17 out of 154 children have died within the last two months.

Jekelon Hospital in Jaipur has recorded an increasing number of MIS cases post-vaccine injection.

The COVID-19 vaccine is supposed to protect and save people; however, many innocents are now suffering from adverse reactions to the vaccine itself. Hyper-activation of antibodies or the immune system from the vaccine causes the body to overreact, which leads to MIS.

In other words, a vaccine might help the body fight against the coronavirus. Still, other organs might be damaged due to the excessive release of antibodies which causes the immune system to start harming the body.

Patients with MIS need to be treated immediately because it is perilous, and the risk of death might increase, according to Dr. Ashok Gupta, Pediatrician of Jekelon Hospital.

So far, many deaths and even more adverse effects are generated by the so-called “vaccines” of all brands, which ultimately is a drug that received an “emergency” approval and does not yet reach the status of an officially recognized vaccine. 

Several specialists in the field have issued alarming warnings about this experimental drug and its danger to children. 

One of them is the German specialist in microbiology and epidemiology, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. He thinks that vaccines of all brands cause the immune system to “explode into action to fight the virus,” which simultaneously triggers the formation of blood thrombi, with potentially life-threatening effects, according to a video released on May 29.

With dire consequences, “meaning that when you take this jab you are allowing your body you are triggering the reaction that is potentially lethal.”

He warns, “Therefore I strongly advise people not to get the shot, if you want to as an adult you may, but must realize that you are undergoing a threat.”

Furthermore, he condemns doing it to children because they are defenseless: “Do not give it to children because they have absolutely no possibility to defend themselves, if you give it to your child you are committing a crime.”

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