According to a recent report, the desire to have sons in India due to the refusal to “carry” the burden of having female daughters has led to a steady increase in abortions of pregnant women with female babies.

According to a report published by The Guardian, in India alone, experts estimate that approximately 46 million girls have been selected for abortion simply because they are female.

Discrimination goes so far that, according to testimonies published in the report, mothers in India are often forced or coerced into aborting their unborn daughters or suffer severe abuse for refusing to do so.

The problem with sex-selective abortions is so terrible that the Indian government began banning prenatal sex selection tests in 1994, but that did not stop abortion practices, and a major business was created around the issue in legal and clandestine private clinics. 

A woman in her forties in Mumbai told The Guardian that her husband forced her to have eight abortions because the tests indicated that the unborn child was a girl in each pregnancy. Cases like this are frequently seen in India.

Another woman, named Meenakshi, said that when she was pregnant with her third child, her in-laws took her to a deserted clinic for a prenatal test to determine the sex of her baby.

“The area was completely deserted and hidden,” the 36-year-old woman said. “I was scared. It was not a normal clinic.”

Meenakshi is now seven months pregnant and explained that they did not confirm the test result to her. “My husband and his mother seemed happy, so I understood it was going to be a boy,” she revealed. “Otherwise, they would have killed him before the birth.”

While these kinds of atrocities happen every day in India and other countries where culturally women are a burden and men are the only ones capable of supporting the family, feminists in the West remain silent, or worse, continue in their struggle to promote abortion as a necessary right for women, without even pausing to reflect on these barbarities. 

Statistical analyses reveal a vast gender gap in the Asian country. In 2019, Newsweek reported that no girl child was born in a three-month period in the entire Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand state, in northern India. 

Birth data from the district indicated that all 216 babies born were boys, the report reveals. Authorities suspect that sex-selection abortions were the reason.

In 2001, India reported that according to Ministry of Health data, 93 girls were born for every 100 boys, and in 2016, the ratio was 89 girls for every 100 boys.

China is another major country with this issue of sex-selection abortions, along with the oppressive rules of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forcing families to have no more than 2 or 3 children.

The West is not free of sex-selection abortions; in the United States, very few states prohibit the discriminatory practice, and even powerful feminist and abortionist organizations such as Planned Parenthood, fight against sex-selection abortion bans, arguing that any reason to have an abortion is a valid reason to do so.

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