On Thursday, April 14, the Swedish parliamentary delegation confirmed its support for Taiwan’s democracy, human rights, and freedom, concluding a five-day visit to the island.

Charlie Weimers, the Swedish member of the European Parliament, said the trip was a “signal of support from Europe to Taiwan” and served as a deterrent factor to China, telling Beijing “that we over in Europe know about Taiwan and care for Taiwan.”

In terms of military factors, Weimers said Europe should, in unison, help Taiwan in dealing with China in the face of the ongoing Ukraine war. He said the war “shows a need for stockpiling defensive weapons.” 

If a cross-strait conflict breaks out, Weimers said the EU would take a firm stand against China. He further said that Europe would have to increase its supply chain resilience to be harsh on China while “still be able to put food on the table.”

Lars Adaktusson, another member of the Swedish parliament, said that Europe would respond with concrete measures if China attacked Taiwan. He did say, though, that if the EU cannot do so, it will be “the end of its foreign policy.”

Meanwhile, parliamentarian Kerstin Lundgren noted that the Swedish Parliament would be discussing renaming the “Swedish Trade and Invest Council” in Taipei as the “House of Sweden” next week. This move means “scaling up” the office to highlight the Nordic country’s willingness to expand bilateral ties.

The Swedish Trade and Invest Council serves as a de facto embassy in Taiwan, while its counterpart in Stockholm is called the Taipei Mission in Sweden.

Sharing the same view, Parliamentarian Adaktusson explained that this step would boost business exchanges and political ones. 

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