More and more Chinese are deciding to renounce membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, and many are even ashamed of having sworn their allegiance to it, according to the website

Through the ‘Tuidang‘ movement, millions of Chinese use their real name or a pseudonym and declare that they do not want to be complicit in the tyranny and killings of the CCP, which, from 1949 to 2004, caused 60 to 80 million unnatural deaths, according to the book The Nine Commentary’s on the Chinese Communist Party.

Many Chinese used to believe the CCP propaganda touted as “great, glorious, righteous.” They were proud to be party members. Only after they saw, heard, and experienced the brutality of the CCP personally did they realize that they had been deceived all along and decided to quit the party and stop being attached to it, thus choosing to change their destiny and free themselves from its specter.

As of press time, 378,263,910 resignations from the CCP and its two partner organizations, the Communist Youth League of China and Young Pioneers, have been recorded, according to Tuidang (resignation from the party) website.

The people who renounce the CCP are of all ages, professions, and social strata. Many of them are police officers who, by following instructions and being led by the CCP’s smear campaign, have persecuted practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). However, after learning the truth of the facts, they see in Tuidang an opportunity to make explicit their repentance for their wrongdoing.

The website Minghui, a media outlet that gathers first-hand information about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China, compiled a compilation of some of the moving and shocking resignations from the CCP. Below are 3 testimonials.

“I Am Ashamed of Being a Chinese Communist Party Member”

Ye Lei, a college teacher and mental health counselor, decided to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations recently. 

“When I was young, I was deceived by the sweet words of the Chinese Communist Party and worshiped the communist spirits—I wasn’t ashamed of them, I was proud of them. A student came to talk to me and said that his family was in financial difficulties and he wanted to drop out of school. When I pressed further, he told me that his father had been arrested because he criticized the government. To bribe the authorities, his family spent all their savings. He did not pass the ‘political background check’ and wasn’t qualified to receive a scholarship, so he was unable to afford the tuition and fees,” Ye said in a public statement on the Global Tuidang (Quitting the Party) website. “After I heard his story, I was ashamed of my Party membership. I hereby declare my resignation from the Communist Party of China and its affiliated organizations and atone for my sins.”

The Cry of the Workers

On December 19, 2020, Xiao En from Anhui said that when he grew up in a rural area, village cadres embezzled the subsidies of low-income families and used public funds for personal gain.

“Since I was a child, I was puzzled by this unfair world, and when I was in elementary school, I was forced to join the Young Pioneers. The teacher encouraged me many times to join the Youth League and even threatened me that, if I did not apply, I would lose the awards I’d earned. I did not agree with the brainwashing-type of educational methods used by the CCP and dropped out of junior high school. “Because of my low level of education, I mainly do manual labor. One boss did not pay me so I called the police, the hot-line for the mayor, and the labor bureau, but nobody paid attention to me. When I asked my boss to pay me, he used his connections to put me in police custody for a day. After I got out, I was deeply resentful of the injustice. This corrupt government of the CCP is soaking up every drop of blood of the common people. The CCP’s labor law is just a joke! The Chinese people should wake up!”

After the Loss of a Child

In March 2020, Qiao did the “Three Withdrawals” [withdrawing from the CCP, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers] both for him and his deceased child. He said that, even in elementary school, he’d thought the political lessons were strange. When he was in junior high, the “Tiananmen Massacre” took place and he learned of the CCP’s systematic lies. Ever since he finished high school and went to work, he has been very disgusted with the CCP. “Last year, my 8-year-old child had an accident in the public school. None of the teachers, the school nurse, or school management cadres saved him. The nurse was unlicensed and knew nothing [about nursing]. The school collectively ignored life and shirked its responsibility. I eventually lost my dear child. I want to quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League for myself, and for my dead child, I want to quit the evil Young Pioneers who tried to brainwash him and ignored his life!”

Getting rid of the poison of communism

Due to corruption and nepotism, many Chinese join the party because it is the only way to get a good job, get promoted, or get a placement at a good university. However, there was a break after November 2004 when the book The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party was published.

This research reveals the evil nature of the CCP and helps to eliminate this poison from the spirit. Thus, millions of Chinese have awakened and become aware of the lies, atrocities, and massacres committed by the CCP.

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