Amid Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent decision to open Turkish borders to migrants, a video was released in which an alleged human trafficker boasts how he has filled Europe with immigrants, indicating that he has earned thousands of euros in doing so.

In the recording, which has been posted by some Twitter users, the man also confesses that he has been involved in the human trafficking business for 20 years and that he receives between 500 and 600 euros for every migrant who successfully enters.

The man, who would have spent six years in prison for the crime, said he felt good about going back into business after President Erdogan announced the opening of the borders, thus urging millions of immigrants to invade Europe.

According to the Daily Mail, the measures taken by the Turkish president have come in response to the deaths of a dozen Turkish soldiers after an air strike in northern Syria last week. Erdogan is demanding NATO support  him in his fight against the Syrian army, which is allied with Russia.

Erdogan’s complaints and demands have not been met with a clear response, he ended up deciding to open the country’s borders with the European Union member states, Greece and Bulgaria.

Turkey is currently home to 3.6 million refugees who arrived in the country as a result of the Syrian civil war. According to Reuters, this number rose after the conflict intensified in Syria’s Idlib region.

European Union leaders have therefore directed serious criticism against Turkey’s measures, referring to the country as an “official immigrant smuggler.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis condemned the fact that Turkish president had allowed the immigrants now being dealt with by Greek authorities to advance along the land and sea borders with Turkey.

Mitsotakis accused Erdogan of breaking the treaty signed in 2016 in which Brussels pledged to provide economic support for the millions of refugees in Turkey in exchange for Turkey’s commitment to curb the flow of migration.

According to the Daily Mail, the Greek prime minister also held talks on the crisis with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel prior to a visit to the Greek-Turkish border to detail the extent of the disaster.

The panorama of tension between Turkey and Greece also continued after the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu, assured that the Greek forces of order attacked three immigrants who were trying to enter the country, causing their deaths, which was denied by Mitsotakis.

“We have been seeing that they (Greek forces) are shooting at the migrants, three migrants were killed. They are shooting them in the back as they are running away,” said Cavusoglu according to Reuters.

The Greek prime minister said that Athens was willing to support the refugee problem in Turkey while a solution to the conflict in Syria was being established, but stressed that it would not do so until a solution to the flow of migrants was implemented.

“Unfortunately, Turkey has become the official trafficker of migrants to the EU and Greece does not accept this situation. We are sending a very clear signal that migrants and refugees cannot be used as instruments, as pawns in a geopolitical game,” Mitsotakis said, according to the Daily Mail.

As Reuters indicated, Greece noted that since last Saturday it had arrested 24,000 migrants who had attempted to cross the border. Charities recorded the arrival of 1,700 migrants on the Greek islands of the Aegean, Lesbos, Chios, Kos Lemnos, and Samos.

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