A Chinese activist shared footage of the extensive facilities dedicated by the Chinese government exclusively to detain its subjects of repression in Xinjiang, China.

Fully aware of the potential threats he was facing, Guan Guan was determined to travel around the cities of Xinjiang province to verify the existence of the concentration camps, the Daily Mail reported.

Citing a Buzzfeed report of satellite images that exposed the facilities, Guan said he wanted to record the centers himself, knowing that the Chinese government has imposed policies to keep foreign journalists away.

“Foreign journalists can’t go there. But good for me; I can,” Guan said, adding that he would attempt the journey, guided by the Buzzfeed report.

With a secret camera hidden in his backpack, Guan traveled to eight cities and recorded at least 18 detention camps, many of which were not identified by the U.S. news agency. 

The most extensive detention facility stretched wide at nearly 1,000 yards (0.9 kilometers), which publicly labeled a slogan that reads “Reform Through Labor, Cultural Reform.” 

Guan’s camera recorded guarded towers with razor wire, police checkpoints, and military presence in the camps. He also climbed up the hill for a better view of the facilities but had to be aware of himself being potentially spotted by guards.

Guanguan climbed up the hill to record the detention facillities, Oct. 5, 2021 (guanguan/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

By observing one center with high skylight windows, Guan believed the people kept in those complexes could only have their leisure time indoors.

Although Guan could not record what may go on behind the strictly guarded walls, he noted if the government keeps foreign attention from the areas, it could mean the atrocities applied to the detainees were not acceptable practices.

“In 2019, when the Anti-ELAB movement broke out in Hong Kong, the Chinese-government-controlled police beat and killed protesters in front of foreign media,” Guan said. “In comparison, in Xinjiang, a place inaccessible by foreign media. The Chinese government’s persecution of Uyghurs is beyond imagination.”

According to a former Chinese policeman who used to work in detention centers that kept Uyghurs, the detainees would be subjected to nearly all kinds of barbaric torture, from beating, sexual violence, electrocutions, to waterboarding.

The Chinese Communist government has justified its practice as a measure to counter terrorism. Yet, as the policeman testified, it was only an excuse to torture “ordinary people.”

The Chinese Communist regime is also recognized for its genocide against other minority and religious groups, such as Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetian Buddist disciples.

Besides forced labor and torture, repression subjects are also at risk of forced organ harvesting.

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