Hugh Jackman uploaded a video on Instagram of a recent interview between Daniel Craig and Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly on Monday, Sept 27. One thing is for sure: If Craig had his way, the actor best known for playing Wolverine would not be in the picture.

When Jackman’s name was suggested, as Kelly talked about Craig’s intention of bowing out of the roll, Craig jokingly interrupted,

“He’s not going to be it, Over my dead body.” 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor, is one of the ‘high-profile possibilities’ for the role of James Bond, the world’s most famous super spy. And, as Craig prepares to hang his bowtie, Jackman seemed to like seeing his name mentioned again in the discussion, particularly as it appears in one of Craig’s recent interviews.

 On the other hand, Daniel Craig has scaled back and only appears in four 007 flicks, the fifth and final of which is the upcoming No Time To Die. 

The two have a close friendship and appeared together on Broadway in 2009 in A Steady Rain. 

Over the years, Jackman had made no secret of his desire to play Bond, even saying that he was considered a possible successor for Pierce Brosnan before Craig was cast.

“My agency called and said, ‘There could be some interest in you for Bond, are you interested?'” According to a 2011 interview with the British Press Association, Jackman stated. “I didn’t intend to shoot at the time.” I didn’t want to be two characters who were meant to be such icons at the same time because of X-Men 2 and Wolverine.”

Jackman joked that he had sparked speculations that he would play Bond himself. In 2011, he quipped, “I mean, who wouldn’t want to be James Bond?” “I’ve always wanted to be 007, but I’ve never had the opportunity to do so. He is the sole superhero from the United Kingdom.

“I believe every male has fantasized of becoming James Bond at some point,” he continued, “therefore it wasn’t right at the time, but it may be true if it returns.”

While filming Australia’s The Project in 2015, the subject of Jackman’s interest in Bond arose once more, with the actor adding, “I’ll seriously consider it.”

Craig praised Jackman for helping him overcome some of the difficulties he faced while portraying Bond in an interview with the UK’s Independent earlier this month. When Craig’s personal life began to suffer due to his profession, Jackman assisted him in “facing it and appreciating it,” as Craig puts it.

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