The chief financial officer for China tech giant Huawei is suing the Canadian government, its border security agency and the national police force for rights violations.

The lawsuit says Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder, was detained, searched and questioned for hours before being told she was under arrest and allowed access to counsel.

Meng was arrested at the request of the United States as she changed planes in Vancouver in December. She is wanted by Washington on charges that she conspired to violate U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Her lawyers say Meng maintains her innocence.

On Friday, the Canadian justice department said Meng would appear in a Vancouver court on Wednesday to set a date for her extradition hearing.

The case has soured China’s relationship with Canada. After Meng’s detention, China arrested two Canadians on national security grounds, and a Chinese court sentenced to death a Canadian man who previously had only been jailed for drug smuggling.

China has repeatedly called on Canada to release Meng, but Canada has refused, saying the case is a legal matter, not a political one.

Meng is under house arrest in Canada.

It could be months, or even years, before Meng, who is under house arrest in Canada, is ever sent to the United States, since the Canadian justice system allows many of its legal decisions to be appealed.