A massive fire spread through a hospital COVID-19 ward, taking several lives on Nov. 6.

At least 10 infected patients are dead, following a fatal blaze at Ahmednagar Hospital in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Authorities confirmed only seven COVID patients survived, and they have already been transferred to a different hospital.

“Two patients are critical and five are stable,” state health official P.D. Gandal said according to Reuters.

Fire-damaged Ahmednagar Hospital on Nov. 6, 2021. (India Today Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Investigators did not know exactly how the fire started at the time of publication.

Former state Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis promised to take “strict action” against hospital management, according to Al Jazeera.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed sincere condolences to grieving friends and family members.

“May the injured recover at the earliest,” he said on Twitter.

Multiple deadly fires have swept across other parts of India.

An intensive care unit in Mumbai’s outskirts previously experienced a fierce fire that killed 13 people back in April 2021.

The following month, a Patel Welfare Hospital COVID-19 ward fire in western India claimed 16 lives. Two frontline workers also died in the same fire at Baruch city.

Poor machine maintenance, malfunctioning equipment, and a firefighting equipment shortage have been blamed for recent blazes.

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