Authorities in India have initiated a criminal investigation into the actions of controversial environmental activist Greta Thunberg in stimulating riots by farmers in the country. 

The police in Delhi, India, charged her with “criminal conspiracy and promoting enmity,” based on sections 120B and 153-A of the country’s Penal Code.

Meanwhile, Kapil Mishra, a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), argued that documents shared by Thunberg were evidence of international “attack” plans against India, according to the Daily Mail on Feb. 4. 

Thunberg posted advice to farmers on how to amplify the impact of their protests, including Google pages containing directions on how to do so.

Almost immediately afterward the tweets were deleted and explanations were given that were not accepted, and several readers had already copied them down as evidence of what is now being investigated as a crime.

Thunberg also retweeted a recent message from Barbados singer Rihanna, which sparked outrage in India and was called “irresponsible” by officials.

Delhi police sources said this “exposes the conspiracy of an organized network abroad” to instigate farmer protests.

Special Police Chief Praveer Ranjan said they found a “toolbox” document containing a plan of action to spread social discord in the country and registered a case against its author on charges of criminal conspiracy, sedition, and others. It was apparently created by a pro-Kalistani organization.

One of the groups supporting the farmers’ protest is the Canada-based group Poetic Justice Foundation, which describes itself as challenging “structures of oppression and discrimination through grassroots intersectional advocacy,” according to the Daily Mail. 

It describes itself as being “more actively involved in” farmers’ protests, which have “activated the Indian diaspora around the world.”  

This is not the first time Thunberg has shown solidarity with similar protests in other countries.

“For the Swedish activist, who has supported other actions in countries across the world, her mistake might spark other nations to investigate similar protests within their own borders,” author Jared Harris wrote in The Western Journal. 

Thunberg has generated discontent over her campaigns. For the Spanish political party Vox, she is “an imposter” and “a “puppet child” unduly pressuring nations, after she spoke at the climate summit in New York on Sept. 23, 2019, before the U.N.

Likewise, Harris said that the teenager “is dedicated to traveling around the planet in the body of a king blaming us for the fact that 90 percent of the plastic in the oceans is dumped by Asians and Africans,” referring to the same intervention.

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