A Republican from New Mexico is prepared to defend heavy vehicle operators who oppose pandemic restrictions across the northern border.

Rep. Yvette Herrell wants to grant asylum to any “Freedom Convoy” demonstrator who chooses to defect from Canada.

Herell described the Canadian prime minister’s tough stance on freedom of assembly and speech as a worrying case of regulatory overreach.

“Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown against peaceful protesters in Canada is not the action of a Western democracy but that of an authoritarian regime like Venezuela,” she said on Twitter.

The Republican questioned the necessity of using police force, confiscating property, and freezing bank accounts to silence opposition to the transport industry’s coronavirus (CCP virus) vaccine mandate.

“[This is] a government that is quickly becoming the embarrassment of the free world,” she said.

She proposed new legislation in U.S. Congress that treats affected truckers the same as those detained for their political beliefs or actions.

“Just as we provide asylum for political prisoners, we should do the same for truckers,” she said.

“I am introducing legislation that would temporarily grant asylum to innocent Canadian protesters who are being persecuted by their own government—we cannot be silent as our neighbors to the north are treated so badly,” she added.

The Hill reported Ottawa authorities arrested at least 170 related protesters on Feb. 18 and 19.

For weeks, demonstrations have continued in many parts of the country, except for Parliament Hill, where authorities drove out most supporters.

“Illegal blockades and occupations are not peaceful protests—they are a threat to jobs and communities, and they cannot continue,” Trudeau said on Twitter.

“In the House of Commons … I joined members of parliament to speak about that and about the need to invoke the Emergencies Act,” he added.

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