Congresswoman Elizabeth Cheney (R-WY) warned Russia not to weaponize toxic substances, or else there will be international action, in an exclusive interview to NBC News on March 20.

Rep. Liz Cheney drew a so-called red line for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposed invasion of Ukraine. The congresswoman warned Putin not to use chemical weapons, otherwise the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will step in.

“We in the West, the United States and NATO–we need to stop telling the Russians what we will not do,” she said. “We need to be very clear that we are considering all options [and] that the use of chemical weapons is certainly something that would alter our calculations.”

Cheney believes the Biden administration should be willing to use coercive military power against Moscow.

“We should not be in the business of some have called it self-deterrence [and] Putin’s actions have, so far, demonstrated that direct military intervention so far is nowhere near as capable as the world–and probably Putin–thought it was,” she said.

“They need to understand if the brutality increases the United States will contemplate and consider every single possible range of actions along with our NATO allies,” she added.

Former President Barack Obama previously drew a similar “red line” back in 2013, when threatening to launch airstrikes against Syrian government forces if they used chemical weapons.

At the time Putin offered to force Syrian President Bashar Assad to surrender his chemical arsenal, in exchange for Washington’s assurance that it will not bomb the Middle Eastern nation.

More than 2.6 million people have already fled Ukraine and at least 2,300 people died in Mariupol city according to Politico.

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