Germany this week approved a bill to remove legislation that bans advertising abortion services.

According to Reuters, Germany’s cabinet on Wednesday, March 10, approved legislation that will eliminate a law prohibiting doctors from reporting on abortion methods and where they provide services. 

Under the existing law first enacted in 1933, doctors can say they offer abortions but cannot provide more information about the procedures.

In this regard, Anne Spiegel, Germany’s Minister for Women, has argued that “Doctors should in future be able to provide information about their medical services for abortions without having to fear prosecution or stigmatization,” according to Euronews.

The bill was introduced by Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, who said in a statement, “It is an untenable situation that doctors who perform terminations of pregnancies, and therefore are best-placed to provide factual information, must fear prosecution under current legislation if they provide information.”

Buschmann said the abortion law itself would not change. It would remain illegal.

Abortion in Germany is technically illegal but not punishable if performed within the first 12 weeks. 

Abortion after 12 weeks is also not a punishable offense in cases where there is a threat of physical or psychological harm to the mother.

The increasing devaluation of unborn life is flooding much of the West. 

Many countries where abortion is no longer criminalized have even gone further and increased the minimum time limit for abortion. For example, last February, France extended the time limit for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks.

In the United States, both pro-life and pro-abortion states are closely watching a U.S. Supreme Court case on a Mississippi ruling that could overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade decision that legalized abortion in the country.

The landmark ruling establishes the right to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is viable, usually around 24 weeks.

Many pro-lifers and believers anxiously await the Court’s ruling, hopeful that abortion can finally be made illegal in the U.S. this year.

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