Controversial multimillionaire George Soros, whose organizations and establishments have been expelled from several countries accused of interfering in sovereign policies, could face an investigation for illegally funding a campaign to take down Boris Johnson.

The complaint, filed by the conservative wing before the Election Commission, came after The Mail on Sunday, Nov. 10, revealed that Soros’s New York-based Open Society Foundation could have violated the law, and made donations from abroad to political organizations in the United Kingdom.

The complaint explains that Soros’s foundation, which has been accused in several countries for promoting attempts at destabilization and fragmentation, sent nearly $4 million to a pro-European Union (EU) group called Best for Britain, which was trying to block Brexit at the polls.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that Best for Britain launched a tactical voting tool based on an unprecedented analysis of each seat, assuring anti-Brexit voters that if they unite and use their vote effectively and systematically, they will end up with a majority in Parliament in the next elections, to be held on Dec. 12, 2019.

The electoral pact Unite to Remain was announced, which involves three anti-Brexit parties: the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Greens, who decided to split the 60 seats in England and Wales, meaning that only one of the groups will run for each post.

“Through these agreements and the tactical voting tool Best for Britain, the Remain movement is more organized than ever and ready to fight in this election,” Naomi Smith, executive director of Best for Britain, said recently on the movement’s website.

Both initiatives were reported to have played a critical role in the Popular Vote campaign for a second referendum.

‘Educate the British public’

When George Soros was asked why he had funded Best for Britain, he replied, “It falls into the category of what I call political philanthropy.”

“My contributions were not used for partisan or electoral purposes,” he continued, according to Express. “They were used to educate the British public,” he said.

In response, Conservative MEP Daniel Kawczynski remarked, “When people out in the world see the success we make of Brexit, they’ll learn about the EU.”

The Open Society Foundation and the European Union

“Mr Soros has a track record of interfering,” he added. “In this country we rightly call out allegations of interference against for example Russia,” he said. “But it seems like if you are an individual with huge resources you can do that,” he concluded.

The Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI), the European Union’s political arm of Open Society Foundations, met behind closed doors with members of the European Commission 65 times in 2018 alone, according to RT, where Soros has 226 “reliable allies.”

“Despite clear signs that George Soros’s grand plans for the European Union are an utter failure, Brussels continues to heed his every word,” RT added.

Meanwhile, his organizations and establishments, including a university, have been expelled from his native country, Hungary, by President Viktor Orban, who even pushed a law called Stop Soros to punish with prison sentences those who help immigrants enter Hungarian territory illegally.

Also Romanian President Liviu Dragnea said Soros and his organizations have “fed the evil” in the country, while a Polish lawmaker called him “the most dangerous man in the world,” according to The Guardian.

Soros built his fortune by bankrupting the Bank of England on “Black Wednesday” in 1992. He later transferred much of his enormous fortune to his supposed tax-free charities, which are scattered all over the world.

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