The open society model of financial speculator billionaire George Soros has gained great influence over the European Union’s Court of Human Rights, according to a report by the European Centre for Law and Justice.

The report details how almost every judge at the European Court of Human Rights received at some point in his or her career funding from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), to which Soros has contributed 18 billion euros ($US21.33 billion) of his own money.

For judges who were active for years in the administrative area of NGOs, the requirements for securing a grant ranged from holding teaching positions in institutes funded by them, to being a salaried program director for Open Society Foundation, to doing some other paid work for them.

The document points out that the court has been charged with ruling on a number of laws related to gender, immigration, and religion throughout Europe, aspects that shape the ideological identity of open societies.

The objective now of the European Centre for Human Rights (ECHR) is to promote and implement open societies. According to the report of the European Centre for Law and Justice, at least 22 of the 100 judges who have served since 2009 at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) are former employees or leaders of NGOs.

In an opinion article by international affairs specialist John Laughland, he indicated that other human rights officials, such as the commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe from 2012 to 2018 Nils Muiznieks, also stand out in the report.

“There would not be anything wrong with judges having exercised a salaried activity for an NGO prior to becoming a judge if these same organizations were not themselves active as parties who bring cases to the ECHR, either as applicants themselves, as lawyers for applicants, or as third parties giving supposedly expert evidence (but in reality lobbying for a cause), and if those judges did not then hear those cases,” he added.

As the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles pointed out, Soros has become the master of “causing chaos in the world under the guise of altruism.”

“Austria, Greece, and Italy are forced to legalize same-sex unions; Poland is urged to promote the right to abortion; France is obliged to authorize the change of sex ‘on paper’; Hungary is forced to abolish life imprisonment; Russia is reprimanded for having condemned Pussy Riot Punk feminist activists; Austria must legalize adoption by same-sex couples; shariah law in Greece is approved,” the magazine noted.

Valeurs Actuelles indicated, “Each time, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) dictates its law to a European country and each time, an NGO linked to the Open Society Foundations (OSF) network is involved in the case.”

The French magazine points out that it is not a coincidence that so many countries are legalizing the union between people of the same sex, the adoption of minors by same-sex couples, and legal abortion, measures that would be implemented by judges related to these NGOs.

According to the European Centre for Law and Justice in its report, “Greater attention should be paid to the choice of candidates for the post of judge by avoiding the appointment of activists and campaigners.”

“The report also makes proposals to ensure transparency of interests and links between applicants, judges and NGOs, and to formalize the procedures for deportation and disqualification,” indicated the European Centre for Law and Justice.

Grégor Puppinck, lawyer and director of the European Centre for French Law, in statements to the French magazine Valuers, said, “The influence of the judge’s mindset, his ideas and his training, is considerable.”

For the director of the European Centre of French Law, human rights as a discipline is strongly ideological in nature and he points out that this made it possible for the convention to say one thing and its opposite.

“If a judge believes that the legalization of surrogacy is necessary in the name of freedom, or if, on the contrary, he condemns it in the name of dignity, he can have both said in the same text,” Puppinick said.

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