The founder of the Indian media Goa Chronicle, Savio Rodrigues, published an open letter in which he denounces international speculator George Soros for misleading the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, by trying to instigate clashes between Hindus and Muslims.

Rodrigues warned him, “If you try to bleed India, India will make you bleed!” in this letter in which he exposes that Soros is using his version of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies as a factor of discord, according to the Goa Chronicle of Feb. 12. 

Indian Goa Chronicle founder exposes George Soros

Introducing the facts on which he based his complaint, Rodrigues said, “You are a liar Mr George Soros. Most importantly, you are an economic terrorist and a threat to democracies around the world.”

And he added, “You are the fuel that funds anarchists around the world,” in what coincides with the perception generated by Soros’s interventions in many countries—several of which have expelled the institutions financed with his money. 

“At Davos in front of representatives from over 65 countries in the world, you said, ‘Nationalism, far from being reversed, made further headway. The biggest and most frightening setback came in India, where a democratically elected Narendra Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state, imposing punitive measures on Kashmir—a semi-autonomous Muslim region, and threatening to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship,'” he also said.

These statements are lies according to Rodrigues, “I, as an Indian belonging to the Christian community, which is considered by some in India, to be more of a minority than the Muslim community, can unflinchingly and proudly tell you that there is no better place in the world for people of different religious beliefs to co-exist other than India.”

Savio Rodrigues explains India’s situation

He also refers to Soros’s instigation promoting the separation of Kashmir, for which he uses his organization Open Society Foundation.

“Their [the Open Society Foundation] idea of solving Kashmir is blaming India, Indian Army of untold atrocities and freeing Kashmir from India. That however is not going to ever happen. No Indian will let go of Kashmir,” Rodrigues expounded. 

He also alluded to the interventions of alleged climate change activist Greta Thunberg, apparently linked to Soros’s Open Society Foundation. 

“In fact, it was climate change Ambassador Greta Thunberg that exposed and alerted us Indians about the black clouds that hover around India and people behind those black clouds,” assuming that she was trying to stop India’s growth in this way.

Greta Thunberg and George Soros in India

Likewise, he referred to the instigations of farmers in which Thunberg participated, in apparent alliance with the Khalistanis, an Indian separatist group based in Canada. 

Rodrigues concluded by encouraging the authorities to investigate these facts, mainly the flow of money.

“I am certain if the Indian authorities have the spine to dig deeper into the money trail behind the Greta Thunberg ToolKit details, it will all lead to you George Soros,” he warned.

He added, “You are waging a clandestine war with India George Soros but let me assure you that you will lose. If you try to bleed India, India will make you bleed.”

George Soros may be after the world’s largest democracy

The serious situation of destabilization and separatist attempts in the world’s largest democracy that Rodrigues denounces, coincides with those made against Soros in many places. 

Even in the United States Soros is financing a broad campaign to replace U.S. attorneys with left-leaning ones, who tend to relax law enforcement and consequently increase criminality.

In addition to being a major donor to the Democrats, some of U.S. President Joe Biden’s officials have been linked to Soros’s organizations, so it is inferred that his influence will be growing in the current presidential term.

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