Ignoring the international boycott to which the “Genocide Olympics” have been called, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres accepted the invitation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, according to South China Morning Post on Dec. 10. 

So far, seven countries have refused diplomatic support to the sporting event promoted by the Chinese communist regime, in protest against its serious violations against the country’s ethnic and religious minorities, especially those committed against the Uighurs.  

The atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Uighur nation were declared as genocide by the United States, Canada, and Australia, and the former Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, called the competitions to be held in February in China the “Genocide Olympics”. 

The boycott will be diplomatic, i.e., athletes will compete as usual, but delegations of other types of representatives will not attend, as announced by the United States, Lithuania, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Scotland, and New Zealand.

Guterres, for his part, spoke in remembrance of the victims of genocide, saying: “Genocide always has multiple clear warning signs, including hate speech, discrimination & violence. We must be vigilant and ready to respond. People should never be targeted because of who they are,”  in one of his tweets. 

However, there were those who did not find it consistent that after his statements in favor of genocide victims, he does not raise his voice to denounce the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the CCP and other similar regimes. 

“What about the Uyghurs? You’ve stayed silent on this issue. A independent tribunal has provided beyond proof China is conking a genocide.,” user @Exposin09822121 wrote on his Twitter account. 

In turn, Uighur netizen, Mirehmet Ablet, who denounces the disappearance of one of his brothers at the hands of the Chinese communist regime also responded to Guterres’ tweet. 

“He is doing a good job in avoiding the words such as “ china” “ Uyghur”. Because he knows himself is a genocide complicit for a overpaid salary so he and his family can enjoy luxurious life style,” he tweeted. 

No less hurt were Internet users who denounced the human rights violations committed in Tigray, Ethiopia, for more than a year. 

“It has been 401 days since the #TigrayGenocide started. 401 days of hate speech, 401 days of discrimination, 401 days of violence, 401 days of humanitarian blockage, 401 days of weaponized rape, 401 days of massacres , 401 days of ethnic cleansing. where is your response?” tweeted @Dawit82441301.

Many human rights groups and world personalities have protested the CCP’s genocide of Uighurs, invasion of Tibet, and persecution of practitioners of the ancient spiritual tradition of Falun Dafa or Falun gong, among others. 

In this sense, the NGO Free Tibet, which fights “for Tibetan self-determination, human rights in Tibet and an end to the Chinese occupation,” pronounced in one of its tweets.

“Earlier today, we took our message to the BBC urging them not to broadcast China’s Winter Olympics in February,” it reported in one of its messages. 

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