The Group of Seven largest countries in the world fears that Hong Kong’s controversial security law “threatens the rights and freedoms” of the city’s inhabitants, and urges the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to reconsider it.

The law “would jeopardize the system that has allowed Hong Kong to prosper and succeed for many years,” the G-7 foreign ministers said, the AP reported on June 17.

The G-7 members are the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, countries with the greatest political, economic, and military impact on the world.

Hong Kong obtained a high degree of autonomy as a former British colony, but over the last year, its inhabitants have suffered intense repression from the CCP, which by approving the disputed law violates the international treaty protecting the Hong Kong people.

The CCP is notorious for its constant and massive violations of human rights, for which it has received multiple complaints.

Thus, the invasion of Tibet, the massacre on Tiananmen Square, the confinement in concentration camps of millions of Muslim believers, and other spiritual disciplines, is the most representative of the abuses committed over the decades.

However, the tendency of the international community to ignore these human rights abuses has changed, due to the strong impact suffered around the world by the CCP Virus for whose mismanagement the CCP is accused of. 

Against this backdrop, the curtailment of the freedom of the people of Hong Kong seems to indicate another step in the same direction, on the horizon may be the invasion of Taiwan.

Several countries and organizations have filed complaints and are preparing legislation to prevent the CCP from advancing over the world.

One of the warnings was issued by U.S. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), for whom the CCP “is clearly focused on world domination,” and on June 9 he urged the union between the United States and its allies to counter it.

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