Aboluowang reports that lawyers in Shanghai and Hong Kong media have revealed that former CCP secretary Jiang Zemin has many luxury villas in Shanghai, which have become “underground Zhongnanhai” by Jiang Zemin. Among them, “Shanghai No. 1 Project” is bigger than Mao Zedong’s palace.

According to a VOA report, Li Rui, who was previously Mao Zedong’s communications secretary, exposed Jiang Zemin at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

In 2012, at the 18th National Congress of the CCP, Li Rui gave a speech. In his speech, he bluntly exposed Jiang Zem’s scandal. Since former Party Secretary Jiang attended this meeting as a member of the Standing Committee of the Presidium, this incident was regarded as a deliberate arrangement by Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping.

Chinese media reported that, in his speech, Li Rui specifically mentioned that, when Jiang Zemin took over, Deng Xiaoping held a small meeting at home. Deng Xiaoping said to Jiang three sentences: “Mao [Chairman] is still in office, Mao was the one to decide, I’m still in office, I’m the one who decided, when it’s your turn to make the decision, I’m relieved.”

Although this happened at the 16th Congress, Li Rui recounted Jiang’s shameful past during the 18th Congress, which embarrassed him.

Li Rui also revealed at the meeting that “Jiang Zemin’s villa in Shanghai is very luxurious.” Mr. Li believes that, after the CCP leader leaves office, he “should not enjoy the original special treatment in life.”

At the meeting, Li Rui also proposed that “previous leaders should not interfere in the work of current leaders” and clearly stated that “elderly people’s involvement in politics” should be abolished, aiming at Jiang Zemin and alluding to his lust for power and politics.

Jiang Zemin’s “underground Zhongnanhai”

Hong Kong’s Dong Xiang magazine once reported that the residences that Jiang Zemin regularly “visited” after his retirement, in addition to the National Shrine of the Diaoyutai in Beijing, Yuquanshan CCP Central Military Commission Guest House No. 5, there are also Xi Giao Hotel in Shanghai, Shanghai Grand Mansion, Taihu Hotel in Suzhou, etc.

The Shanghai city government built Jiang Zemin’s secret retirement villa named “Shanghai No.1 Project” for Jiang Zemin and built villas for him in the Ruijin Hotel and Pudong area.

The report quoted documents that revealed Jiang Mianheng, the eldest son of Jiang Zemin, when he was the head of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, occupied more than 10,000 acres of land in Min Heng District for construction works for Jiang to live in. It’s luxury and space surpass that of the Xi Giao Guest House, known as the palace of Mao Zedong in Shanghai.
According to sources, after retiring, Jiang Zemin lives in Shanghai for six months every year. These mansions and nursing homes became his “Zhongnanhai” in Shanghai.

In addition, Jiang Zemin also enjoys special services such as special planes, special trains, visits to Beijing Military Region General Hospital, Shanghai Huadong Hospital, and Guangzhou Military Region General Hospital with 24/7 service.
The report also said that in 2012, Jiang Zemin lived in Shanghai for 150 days and spent more than 2.35 million yuan on banquets, all of which were paid for by public funds.

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