On Tuesday, June 8, Tokyo Olympics director Seiko Hashimoto said foreign journalists attending to cover the event will have their movements monitored by GPS and their passes will be cancelled if they do not comply with the rules, AFP reported

Organizers are expecting around 6,000 reporters to attend and say they are seeking to reassure Japanese citizens that the games will be safe from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, also known as COVID-19.

It should be noted that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games should have been held last year, but due to the pandemic they had to be rescheduled for this year.

Each journalist will have to submit a list of the areas they will visit during their first two weeks on Japanese soil, ranging from sports facilities to accommodation.

Ahead of a Tokyo 2020 executive board meeting, Hashimoto said, “To make sure that people don’t go to places other than the places where they are registered to go, we will use GPS to strictly manage their behavior.”

There were originally 350 hotels designated for accommodation but the number was reduced to 150 and organizers will seek to ensure that all reporters stay in these hotels and not in private homes.

The restrictions will not only be for journalists, athletes will also have restrictions on their movements and will be checked daily for the virus.

In addition, at the end of this month, it will be decided how many local spectators will be allowed to attend each competition. Foreign spectators will not be allowed to attend any of the competitions.

Polls show that the majority of Japanese people want the games to be postponed or canceled, so organizers are seeking controversial measures to bring peace of mind to the public.

Another problem facing the Tokyo Olympics has to do with volunteers. Of the 80,000 volunteers that the organizers had secured, 10,000 have resigned from participating in the event, according to reports on June 2 by NHK WORLD – JAPAN.

Although it was initially thought that the desertions were due to comments considered derogatory towards women by the then president of the organizing committee, Mori Yoshiro, they continued after his resignation.

Many of the volunteers who resigned claimed to be afraid of catching the CCP Virus and also changes in their work environments.

Despite the number of resignations, the committee’s general director, Muto Toshiro, believes that they will not cause major problems as there is a possibility that some of the volunteers will work for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, which will also be held in Japan.

The Olympic Games are considered one of the most important events in the world and are always surrounded by a festive atmosphere.

This time the panorama will be different and will be a reflection of what the world is today.

They will be games where control and restrictions will be prioritized, where athletes will not be able to move freely, where they will not be able to hug and share naturally with the rest of their teammates, where the stadiums will be almost empty, and where individual freedoms will be lost, as if they were taking place in a country under a dictatorial regime such as the Chinese one.

Are we not following the model of the Chinese Communist Party?

It is time for humanity to become aware and wake up.

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