A former nurse who fled the Chinese communist regime confessed earlier this month that in the Xinjiang area of China, newborn babies are killed through lethal injection to enforce Chinese Communist Party (CCP) family planning against Uighurs and other horrors she witnessed.

Shemsinur Abdighafur is a doctor of traditional Uighur medicine and worked as an operating room nurse in several hospitals in the Xinjiang area, where the Uighurs, an ethnic group heavily persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime, reside.

The professional, wanting to follow her conscience, testified at the Uighur Court in London, where she claimed to have witnessed—on numerous occasions—forced abortions, sterilizations, and the murder of newborn babies by lethal injection, according to the portal Bitter Winter.

“In my time working in hospitals, we could sometimes hear that some babies were born, and they started crying and from this we knew they were alive. But we knew all babies would be given the injection so we knew they would die before they got home,” declared the valiant nurse, who decided to testify despite the threats received by the CCP.

The nurse recounted that pregnant women are a continual target of harassment and repression, due to family planning policies.

So whenever possible, Shemsinur would hide pregnant women in her home, seek out others who were willing to risk their own safety to help or seek out people in her own hospital to help her protect the unborn babies.

Shemsinur testified that she could see at least 3 to 5 forced abortions or sterilizations being performed per day. “If any women got injected with this (drug) the baby died. The syringe and the needle are very long, and it is directly injected into the womb. When they put the needle in, they see if a liquid comes out, if it does it confirms it is in the right place. I witnessed the injection being done. It was done daily,” she testified.

She further recounted the tragic death of her sister-in-law, who naively assumed that if she went to a larger city, Karakax, where she was unknown, she could give birth anonymously. This was her third “illegal” pregnancy, and she was expecting twins.

Unfortunately, her “secret” was discovered and the drug was administered to her. Within minutes, the twins and their mother passed away.

“My sister-in-law was very healthy and had no medical condition and just died like that. My husband waited together with my sister-in-law’s husband and just after 15 minutes, less than half an hour a dead body came out. The hospital said she had a heart condition, but I am a doctor, my sister-in-law was thirty years old, and I know she didn’t have a medical condition”, she said.

Shemsinur—through a painful personal experience of having her uterus removed—discovered that 70% of Uighur women in the Hotan area also had their uteruses removed.

“If the authorities found anything in the womb, they used any excuse to remove it,” she said. She assumed the situation in the capital Urumqi was the same. “If a Uyghur woman has a little problem in the womb, they remove it,” she said, citing women she had personally treated.

At the maternal and child care unit in Hotan, she explained that 3 out of 4 women had told her that they did not have a uterus.

Shemsinur’s brother visited her and his mother in Turkey, where he currently resides, in 2016 and returned to Xinjiang after two weeks. For this, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Without having heard from any other member of his family for 4 years since they were isolated in 2017, the next time he saw his sister was on Chinese TV as he attacked her during a hastily called press conference by the CCP last week after she testified in court.

Family members of witnesses were shown on national television and forced to denounce their relatives, a common CCP propaganda and “image-cleansing” tactic.

Her sister Marhaba, regarding her sister’s reports that women’s wombs were being removed after having two children, responded by saying that she had never seen or heard of such a thing.

“Everything my sister says are lies. This is defamation of our country and Xinjiang. I hate you!” she said on June 9 on Chinese state television.

In the propaganda video, she concluded by saying, “We are living very well. We are very happy.”
Having fled to Turkey in 2010, Shemsinur felt compelled to testify in court.

The horrors she witnessed and was part of have troubled her for years. Despite threats received by her family and the CCP itself, she felt she had no choice but to come out and speak out now.