The new security law enforced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Hong Kong is forcing health care workers and civil servants to swear an oath of allegiance to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

All levels of the health care system will be affected, which means doctors and nurses will be obligated to inform state authorities if they treat citizens who are opposed to the draconian security law. If they refuse to do so, they can expect to face disciplinary action. Under the new law, which includes secession, or breaking away from the China; subversion, or undermining central government; terrorism; and collusion with foreign forces, a life sentence may be imposed, or even execution.

Surgeon Dr. Darren Mann from Hong Kong spoke to, “Requiring doctors to swear an oath of allegiance to the state runs counter to nearly 2,500 years of medical tradition, which compels the physician to make the care of the patient their first concern. He asked, “What comes next?

“Could this lead to a two-tier system with preferential treatments for political loyalists, and professional advancement for doctors according to points accumulated in a state-loyalty program with bonuses for savings on the therapies allocated to dissidents?

“The medical associations of the world should be joined in a chorus of condemnation for this perfidious subversion of our medical value-system,” said Mann.

Patient confidentiality at risk

The new law could compromise the Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors, which protects patient confidentiality.

Chairwoman of the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association Arisina Ma is concerned that taking an oath of allegiance to the Party could jeopardize the best interests of the patient.

Anyone connected to a pro-democracy group in Hong Kong may end up being extradited to the mainland, on the basis of “subversion of the central government” be thrown in prison and the key is thrown away.

Chief Executive of Hong Kong C Y Leung has warned anyone residing in Hong Kong who defies the new law shall be punished. “Permanent residents of Hong Kong and even those who do not have the permanent resident status in Hong Kong who breach the new security law, this law shall apply.

“This is the net, and they cannot escape the law,” he said.

Victoria Hui, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame described it as “a total destruction of Hong Kong’s legal and judicial system,” reported NPR.

Just hours after the new security law was passed, two opposition political parties in Hong Kong announced they were voluntarily disbanding, with many activists leaving organizations that the Communist Party may target as being subversive.


One day after the law went into action, police had arrested 180 people as thousands flocked to the streets of Hong Kong to protest the law and Hong Kong’s handover to Communist Party rule.

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