On April 17, Jim Caviezel, the famous Passion of the Christ actor, while promoting his latest film, virtually mentioned the term ‘adrenochrome’ and perplexed the mainstream media who accused the actor of bringing ‘conspiracy theories’ to life.

During the Health and Freedom conference in Tusla, Oklahoma, the actor presented his latest film, Sounds of Freedom, based on the life of Tim Ballard, a former agent of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Ballard left his post to dedicate himself to rescuing children from the infamous human trafficking ring.

The film’s plot revolves around the rescue of the sister of one of the rescued kids. The development shows the chilling and heartbreaking cruelty of the child trafficking industry that occurs between the United States and the rest of the world.

Caviezel was personally with Tim Ballard during some operations to experience the torturous work of rescuing these innocent children from the clutches of traffickers.

“When he started to show me all of the hell that they have looked at … children are nothing more than, like a cow,” Caviezel explained.

The actor mentioned that Ballard couldn’t be at the conference because “They’re pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell right now, in dumps and all kinds of places. The adrenochrome-ing of children…”

The conference presenter asked Caviezel to please explain what he meant by ‘adrenochrome.’

“Essentially, you have adrenaline in your body,’ Caviezel explained. ‘And when you are scared, you produce adrenaline. If you’re an athlete, you get in the fourth quarter; you have adrenaline that comes out of you. If a child knows he’s going to die, his body will secrete this adrenaline. And they have a lot of terms that they use that he takes me through, but it’s the worst horror I’ve ever seen. The screaming alone, even if I never, ever, ever saw it, it’s beyond—and these people that do it, umm, there will be no mercy for them,” the actor said.

Mass media outlets like Daily Mail and others immediately slammed the actor for promoting ‘conspiracy theories’ related to the Qanon movement, which was where the term ‘adrenochrome’ was initially mentioned.

According to DailyMail, “The conspiracy theory, a cornerstone of QAnon dogma holds that a network of politicians and celebrities are torturing and murdering thousands of children to harvest their adrenal glands for compound adrenochrome, which they can then use as an elixir of life as well as a recreational drug.”

In its article, the British tabloid cites dozens of tweets from people expressing disappointment at Caviezel’s words; that they admired him as an actor but would henceforth stop watching his movies. Ironically, the more than 1500 comments at the bottom of the post said, “it’s true,” “do your research,” or “the truth hurts.”

Reasons to believe Caviezel

During the 20 minutes in which the actor interacted virtually with the presenter, he explained his rather spiritual or Christian faith-related reasons for getting involved in films such as Passion of the Christ or Sounds of Freedom.

During the filming of Passion of the Christ, Caviezel and other staff members were struck by lightning. He dislocated a shoulder from being ‘crucified’ for so long, contracted pneumonia and hypothermia from exposure to the cold and wind, and was on the verge of death—no ordinary ordeal for any Hollywood actor.

The film was sabotaged by the establishment, but it achieved unforeseen success thanks to word of mouth.

“This is one of the best films I have ever done in my life. The film is on the level of academy award level. Whether it gets seen in this industry is really up to your prayers and your word of mouth,” said the actor.

With tears in his eyes, the actor showed that his heart was moved by the message of Sounds of Freedom: “You are the best that you will ever be when God is in your heart like that. You are not afraid of the devil. You are actually hunting it. Because God’s children are not for sale, they are not for sale. You cannot do it anymore, Satan, and we are coming after you, and I am not afraid, and I ask you all not to be afraid either.”

According to Tim Ballard, the global human trafficking business mobilizes about $150 billion a year.

“This movie is really important; it is an opportunity for the world to know what is happening,” Ballard said.

The movie is set to be released at the end of 2021.

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