Among the different types of fraud that characterize the electoral process in the United States, the most representative is that committed through the counting systems in charge of the machines of Dominion Voting Systems, which allegedly transferred votes from the President, Donald Trump, to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Most seriously, everything indicates that behind Dominion is an extensive international network of electoral interference, with branches in Canada, Spain, and Germany, according to the alternative media Tap News on Nov. 14. 

On the one hand, Dominion Voting Systems is based in Canada and Scytl, which also participates in the vote count, is managed from Spain, and the data from both companies is routed abroad by servers located in Germany.

Moreover, Scytl is linked to George Soros and the Democrats and Bill Gates also owns shares in it. 

In an unsubstantiated claim, in the middle of Great Game India there is still a disturbing question: How could a bankrupt Spanish company, Scytl, count the American votes in Spain?

“The issue has led experts to wonder why the delicate work of counting the votes was outsourced to a foreign company,” added Great Game India. 

In confirmation of the raid on Scytl’s headquarters in Germany, Rep. Louie Gohmert expressed himself, according to the user tweet @orijonal, “Representative Louie Gohmert reveals that the U.S. Army (CIA?) team raided Scytl’s server facility in Frankfurt, Germany to recover ‘extremely convincing’ data detailing the vote change.”

Scytl’s history shows that in one of the elections in Ecuador it should have delivered the results in 3 days, but it took a whole month, refers @orijonal. 

In Norway they stopped using Sctyl in 2014 due to security issues and high costs. 

With regard to international interference, in 2018 President Trump signed an executive order that empowers the Department of Justice to penalize those who have committed in these crimes.  

This includes the “seizure of all assets of entities that have directly or indirectly participated in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise aided and abetted foreign interference in a U.S. election.”

This is the Sept. 12, 2018 executive order on the Imposition of Certain Sanctions for Foreign Interference in a U.S. Election. 

In implementing this legal provision, “it would have to include virtually all of CNN’s bogus news anchors, all of Big Tech’s CEOs, all the bogus reporter-terrorists from NBC News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post,” suggests the alternative media Before It’s News on Nov. 14. 

It also considers them “complicit in covering up the United States and covering up the massive interference in the foreign elections that just took place.

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