There is now Irrefutable evidence the Chinese government is murdering spiritual followers of Falun Gong and other prisoners of conscience for their organs. It was presented at the United Nations in Geneva on Sept. 24.

Findings from the final independent China Tribunal in June were presented by international human rights lawyer Hamid Sabi to the UN. “The commission of crimes against humanity against the Falun Gong and Uighur had been proved beyond reasonable doubt,” said Sabi. He told the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that it has been going on “for years throughout China on a significant scale … and continues today”.

Falun Gong, a traditional Chinese spiritual and meditation practice, was banned by the Communist Party in 1999, and evidence suggests they have become the primary source of organs sold by the regime since that time.

Police detain a Falun Gong protester in Tiananmen Square as a crowd watches in Beijing in this Oct. 1, 2000, photo. (AP/Chien-min Chung)

Sabi compared the “possible charge of genocide” to other mass religious persecution and racial crimes.
“Victim for victim and death for death, the gassing of the Jews by the Nazis, the massacre by the Khmer Rouge or the butchery to death of the Rwanda Tutsis may not be worse than cutting out the hearts and other organs from living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people,” he told the Human Rights Council.

“It is the legal obligation of UN Member States to address this criminal conduct,” he added.

Falun Gong practitioners in Taipei stage a re-enactment of the Chinese Communist Party’s state-sanctioned live organ harvesting on April 23, 2006. (

The Tribunal final hearing determined that detainees were “killed to order… cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea, and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale,” reports the Independent.

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, who had previously led the prosecution for war crimes against past President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, chaired the Tribunal. It concluded the evidence was clear the Chinese government had been murdering Falun Gong practitioner by removing their organs for the past twenty years.

Sir Geoffrey said the International Transplant Society and medical associations associated with transplants needed to “face up to what is revealed in the China Tribunal judgment and act.”

Italy, Spain, Israel, and Taiwan have put in place restrictions on their citizens intending to go to China for organ transplants.

Sir Geoffrey said, at a separate UN event that the International community “can no longer avoid what it is inconvenient for them to admit.”China has constantly denied the accusations of killing innocent victims for their organs and maintains it had also stopped using organs from executed prisoners four years ago.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been murdered for their organs by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Organ transplantation to save life is a scientific and social triumph. But killing the donor is criminal,” said Sabi.

Includes reporting from Thomson Reuters Foundation

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