After an extensive investigation beginning in April last year, the Spanish National Police broke up a criminal network dedicated to prostituting underage girls living in government shelters. Authorities revealed on Jan. 4 that one of the ringleaders of the organization even prostituted his underage daughter.

Operation ‘Sana’ began in April 2020, when agents from Group XXII of the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM) in Madrid noticed that one of the girls living in a shelter in the Madrid community was periodically absconding.

After investigating, the agents discovered that the girl was going to an apartment in the Usera and Vallecas area, a neighborhood with a dense population of Dominican and Bolivian immigrants and Latin Americans in general, to have sex for money or in exchange for drugs.

The apartment was run by a woman who, along with 36 other individuals, was part of the underage prostitution ring. Most of them were Dominicans, although some were Spaniards, Romanians, Nigerians, Moroccans, Cubans. Their ages ranged from 18 to 57 years old.

The girls were contacted through social media, where the criminals offered them money in exchange for selling drugs. However, once the girls went to deliver the drugs, sometimes on skateboards, the buyers would abuse them sexually, as the criminals would previously arrange with the consumers a payment for sex with the girls.

One of the girls spent three days in the apartment on Juan Español Street, where the woman who ran the place offered the drug buyers to have sex with her.

The girl managed to escape and informed the National Police.

After seven months of investigations, when the authorities identified all those involved, on Nov. 30, some 150 agents began to search the properties of the underage prostitution ring, which included a hairdresser’s that had a dark basement where there was a bed for sexual exploitation of the girls.

Authorities seized a video camera that is being analyzed to see if the criminals produced pornographic material with minors and cash, drugs, and computers.

According to El Mundo, one of the group’s ringleaders, identified as M.M.C., prostituted his 16-year-old daughter.

To convince others she was an adult, the girl held an 18th birthday party in the Moroccan city of Tetouan, sold her sexual services on websites for such purposes, even with photos of herself. Her father kept all the money from the sexual encounters. 

The criminals sold the girls for the mere sum of 50 euros for each sexual encounter.

They made them addicted to crack (cocaine derivative) to control them and force them into prostitution. The girls were also forced to traffic drugs and offer sex to buyers.

One of those arrested is a 21-year-old Dominican rapper named Saymol Fyly, who has 150,000 followers on YouTube. The rapper was in charge of luring girls into the circle of criminals.

Saymol used his Instagram account to deny the allegations.

A total of ten girls were rescued in the operation, most of them lived in government shelters, and only one had a family.

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