Slovakia’s Parliament passed a law Nov. 4 declaring the Czechoslovak Communist Party and the Slovak Communist Party criminal organizations, China Scope reported.

The law’s argument is in response to the 42 years in which the communist dictatorship repressed society and deprived citizens of their civil liberties, among other crimes.

In 2009, Poland made news in Europe for banning communist symbols, even to the point of penalizing someone who wore a T-shirt with the image of Che Guevara. But according to Chinascope, as early as 1993 the Czech Republic declared the communist party a criminal organization.

According to available statistics, at least 1 million Poles died under the Soviet dictatorship.

More than 10 years later, Slovakia joined the list of six European countries that have passed similar laws to eliminate all traces of the evil ideology that almost wiped out the cultures of the places it dominated.

Slovak law prohibits, in addition to communist and Nazi symbols, monuments and plaques of any individual related to these totalitarian governments. Nor can there be streets, squares, or other public places that bear their names.

The six countries that today have taken the path of eliminating their communist pasts are Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia, and Slovakia.

In 2015 Ukraine passed a law to put the communist party in the same category as the Nazi regime in addition to banning the display of their symbols and names of streets and public places. At least 4 million Ukrainian died under the rule of the Communists.

Many countries of the former Soviet Union have presented similar laws to get rid of the communist traces of their past, even Russia changed the names of cities of the communist era as the case of the former Leningrad which is now St. Petersburg.

Under the leadership of President Trump and with the strong determination of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Chinese Communist Party, one of the bloodiest in modern history, has been singled out by the United States as one of the greatest threats to the free world.

Due to the manipulation of the CCP, the virus that originated in Wuhan could have been a local epidemic but became a pandemic because the CCP let 5 million Chinese out of that city to the rest of the world, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and destroying the economies of dozens of countries.

Is it time that the world began to reject the Chinese Communist Party because of its evil? Will humanity have the courage?

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