A British man with Down syndrome, who was never expected to live beyond the age of 10 has defied the odds, recently celebrated his 77th birthday.

Georgie Wildgust, from Nottinghamshire, UK, is the oldest person in Britain with Down’s syndrome and thought to be one of the oldest in the world.

Wildgust’s mother was told he would probably not make it past the age of 10. (SWNS)

Wildgust celebrated his 77th birthday on Aug. 16, 2019, surrounded with family and friends at the Watcombe Circus care home in Nottingham, according to SWNS.

Georgie celebrated his birthday with friends and family. (SWNS)

“My grandma was told he would not live past 10 years old because of his Down syndrome,” Wildgust’s niece, Nikki Wright, 44, told SWNS. “But they were wrong. Look at him now.”

Wright credits dancing and active social life with his long life. He has always been well taken care of. She shared that Wildgust enjoyed going out to dinner, coloring books, watching Strictly Come Dancing on Saturdays and especially dancing.

Wildgust’s granddaughter, Nikki Wright (L), shared that Georgie Wildgust (right) likes dancing very much. (SWNS)

“He was always told by his mum that he can do anything and because of that, he has always been very independent,” Wright added.

Wildgust moved into the care home in 1993 and was very happy to live there with 12 other residents who are around the same age. Wright said, “It was one big happy community who looked out for each other. So he’s always been very sociable.”

Wildgust, who has two siblings, his younger brother, 71-year-old Colin, died three years ago, and his sister, Jean Yessyan, 79, often chats with him on Skype from Australia.

About one in every 1,000 babies born in the UK will have Down syndrome, according to the Down’s Syndrome Association. The average life expectancy for a person with Down syndrome is between 50 and 60 years old, with only a few living into their 70s.