According to the media outlet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (MOFA) stated on Feb. 15 that Taiwan would fully assist Lithuania in responding to China’s economic bullying, which included the suspension of imports of beef and other agricultural products from Lithuania.

The European Union (EU) decided to use the World Trade Organization (WTO) mechanism to accuse China of improperly boycotting Lithuania, informing that China violated international economic and trade norms.

Last year, Lithuania allowed the Republic of China to set up a representative office in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in the name of “Taiwan,” which made the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believe that the move of Lithuania violated the “One-China policy.”

Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan reported that the Beijing authorities retaliated against Lithuania, taking measures including:
-Downgrading the embassy
-Canceling all orders for the century-old brewery Volfas Engelman -Imposing a customs block on Lithuanian exports
-Put pressure on multinational companies to cut off relations with Lithuania
Otherwise, they would be pulled out of the Chinese market.

The General Administration of Customs of China announced on Feb. 9 that it suspended the acceptance of Lithuanian beef import declarations.

Taiwan said that Lithuania had submitted applications for exporting various agricultural products to Taiwan through the embassy.

The Taiwan Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Welfare informed that they were still in the application process involving details such as items and manufacturers, noting that only after they had passed the review could the results be shown to the public.

At a press conference, Chen Liguo, Director of MOFA’s Department of European Affairs, said the agricultural products Lithuania applied to export to Taiwan included those that were “suppressed by China due to their political stance.”

Regarding China’s continued economic coercion and disruption of the international financial and trade order, MOFA condemned it immediately and reiterated that it would continue to cooperate with global democracies to jointly strengthen the international supply chain security and resilience.

MOFA’s spokesman Ou Jiang-an (歐江安) said that Taiwan would closely monitor the follow-up development and give Lithuania and the E.U. the greatest support. She said that any violation of international norms would be condemned, noting that Taiwan would work with like-minded partners such as Lithuania and the European Union to maintain a rules-based global trading system.

MOFA’s spokesman, Ou Jiang-an (歐江安), pointed out that China had used improper economic and trade measures to pressure other countries many times, and that behavior had caused trouble and disgust in many countries. She said that all members of the WTO should abide by the norms of international consistency, adding that Taiwan called on China to abandon any improper economic measures and immediately stop all coercive financial acts against Lithuania and other countries.

The State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania said that it had stopped exporting food products to China since early December. Minister for Economy and Innovation of Lithuania, Aušrinė Armonaitė, tweeted on Feb. 11 that Lithuanian exporters had achieved the highest export record in history in 2021 with a total export value of $39.4 billion. He added that the main export markets for Lithuanian products were Germany, the United States, Poland, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

During the visit to Australia on Feb. 10, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that Lithuania firmly believed that the people of Taiwan had the right to set up a representative office in the name of “Taiwan” and that position remained firm.

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