Deputy Justice Minister of Poland Sebastian Kaleta, spoke to Breitbart about the implementation of the Freedom Act, which will allow the Polish government to fine Big Tech censorship when it is detected.

“Every time an algorithm is used to limit reach, the user will be informed if and why his reach is being limited,” Kaleta explained.

The Polish government appointed a Free Speech Board that will have the power to order social media companies to reinstate censored posts after users report it.

“The process of using algorithms to suppress particular views, as long as they do not break Polish law, [will] be regulated” and “If social media platforms break this law, they will be fined,” Kaleta said.

The deputy minister argued that the government’s decision to legislate Big Tech is in response to the fact that these companies have become a monopoly and outside of them, people lose the ability to communicate.

“The owners of social media companies are not running just any business. The Big Tech companies are now monopolies,” said Kaleta, who to illustrate his point made an analogy.

“I mean, imagine if Alexander Graham Bell were to decide who can speak on the telephone and Thomas Edison decided where lightbulbs were to be used?” the deputy minister asked.

Censorship and political persecution, the Marxism of our times

During the four years of the Trump administration, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google played a huge role in censorship or “shadowbanning” (invisible censorship, only the creator of the content sees its publications) of conservative voices, of the achievements of the former president, and of any content considered politically incorrect.

To demonize former President Trump, any positive news was reported as negative by mainstream media, turning one large segment of society against another.

In Trump’s final months in the White House, censorship escalated to such an extent that the former president lost his ability to communicate with Americans. Likewise, those who tried to echo Trump’s comments also suffered censorship, even though many of these people make their living from social media.

Having been occupied and subjugated by the Soviets, the current Polish conservative government, has a good understanding of what is going on in the world around social media censorship and those who persecute conservatives.

“The pressure from the far left has developed from soft political correctness into a much harsher phase, that of cancel culture … [it is] very worrying, and is more reminiscent of Bolshevik standards than democratic ones,” Kaleta said.

After Trump left the White House, Democrats, Hollywood “celebrities,” and famous people started a wave of cancellations against the former president and Republicans who showed their support.

Bank accounts were closed, people were fired from their jobs, donations were canceled, and even laws from the current administration called Americans who went to the Capitol that fateful Jan. 6 “terrorists.”

“The signals from the left are clear—if you do not agree with us and you criticize us, the ‘system’ we have created will not only get you fired, but it will also limit your access to certain services and products,” explained Kaleta who called people behind this phenomenon “neo-Marxists.”