A Scottish mother who became a record breaker as Britain’s first mother to give birth to 10 boys in a row, finally gave birth to her eleventh child, a baby girl, in August 2019.

Alexis Brett, 39, who thought she was destined to only have sons, said to The Mirror, “We’re over the moon … when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture.”

The couple stated Cameron marks the completion of their family, which includes Campbell, 17, followed by Harrison, 16; Corey, 14; Lachlan, 11; Brodie, 9; Brahn, 8; Hunter, 6: Mack, 5; Blake, 3; and finally Rothagaidh, 2.

“We’re definitely stopping now,” Brett laughs. “I love my family as it is now.”

The couple doesn’t care what people think of their big family. Brett said, “Some people think we must be on benefits, but we’re not. David has a good job, which means we don’t even qualify for full child benefit.”

Cameron has already had a remarkable effect on her big brothers. Her husband David, 44, said, “They’ve generally been much better behaved around her, trying to keep quiet in case they wake her up.”

They’ve also been helping out with feeding and holding their new sister, David added.

At Christmas last year, when Brett knew she was pregnant, she had fully expected to be adding another boy to her family. She said, “Cameron wasn’t planned, but I was happy all the same.”

“I’d never planned to have a large family, but now I do, I love it,” she continued.

Many people have asked if the reason she has so many sons is that she kept trying for a girl, but she’s always shut that idea down.

“All my sons are special to me–if another boy had been on the way it wouldn’t have bothered me,” she said.

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Brett is now contemplating getting her tubes tied, claiming she could be “immune” to most birth control.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” David said. “[We] sometimes look at each other to say, ‘What have we done?’ But when the boys make us laugh, it makes it all worthwhile.”

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