This Wednesday, June 9, the European Parliament finalized the vote to implement the ‘COVID certificate’ or health passport throughout the European Union. European and foreign citizens will need it when traveling within the continent. The passport will state whether the person was vaccinated, had a negative test, or recovered from an infection.

The vote held on Tuesday, June 8, was 553 votes in favor, 91 against and 46 abstentions.

Spanish MEP Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, who chairs the Civil Liberties Committee, saw the approval of the health passport as a step towards returning to normalcy

“We want to send the message to European citizens that we are doing everything possible to restore freedom of movement,” Lopez Aguilar said.

The certificate will be issued nationally by each member of the European community and will be valid throughout Europe. It will be free of charge, and individuals will be able to move freely between member countries without having to undergo quarantine, testing, or other restrictions, except when ‘there is an emergency situation,’ such as a new strain that is out of control.

The certificate may be digital or printed. In both cases, it contains a QR code that the authorities will supposedly “read offline,” i.e., without an Internet connection, to avoid sharing people’s sensitive data on the web.

According to Life Site, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus (COVID) passport will contain the following information on travelers: proof of vaccination, proof of having recovered from COVID during the past six months, or a recent (72-hour) negative test result, which can be a PCR test, a rapid antigen test that relies on the detection of viral proteins (less than 48 hours), or an antibody test that shows that a person has been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and has developed immunity to it.

Those who do not possess the certificate will be subjected to isolation or quarantine, testing or denied entry, depending on the authority of the country they wish to enter.

Foreign tourists will also be able to apply for a health passport to go on vacation in Europe.

Several EU countries have already started using the system including Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Poland and except for 9 countries that have not yet started passport preparation, the rest are “technically ready.”

The health passports will start to be requested from next July 1 and for one year, until July 1, 2022.

The measure has to receive the stamp of each member of the European community, which is seen as a formality.

In its press release, the Parliament assured that people’s data will not be shared although there are serious doubts due to the vulnerability of carrying this digital information on a smartphone. Companies such as Google with its Android system are known for sharing their users data without their authorization.

Vaccines as a standard measure to ensure individual freedom

The question of using vaccines as a standard to return to normality and allow free movement within Europe or other parts of the world raises serious doubts. Countries that deployed large operations to vaccinate their population saw the emergence of cases in people already vaccinated even worse than in countries that did not vaccinate so many people.

Such is the case of Seychelles, which despite vaccinating more than 60% of its inhabitants, had peaks of cases later on.

Moreover, in Israel, a country that vaccinated more than 55% of its population, studies conducted to test the efficacy of vaccines with respect to immunity gave surprising results.

Infected people who did not get vaccinated and recovered from the CCP Virus generated greater immunity than those who were not infected but did get vaccinated.

Adding to all this, there is the issue of adverse effects, woefully underreported by the mainstream media.

In recent months CDC data indicate a three-fold increase in deaths of people already vaccinated.

Reports of paralysis of limbs, full-body seizures, veins ‘popping’, etc., also detract from the credibility of the repeated claims that the vaccine is safe. It raises the question of why use them as a standard measure to ensure people’s freedom when there are all these underlying issues.

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