Italy’s leftist government spent $1.9 billion (1.57 billion euro) on medical supplies from Chinese companies during the CCP Virus pandemic, even though it was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that intentionally let 5 million Chinese people leave Wuhan for Europe and the rest of the world, causing the health crisis in these countries.

From Jan. 21 to Nov. 17, reported Breitbart, Italy paid out the sum on defective or totally useless medical supplies.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the national conservative party Brothers of Italy, questioned the government, which certainly shows an absence of consideration for its own people.

“The misfortune within the misfortune is that while having to face a health, social, and economic emergency, the government was totally subservient to foreign interests,” she said.

“This is the worst political class in the Italian republic’s history: incapable, visionless, enslaved to foreign interests, and animated only by the desire to have a career and secure their seats,” she added.

At the beginning of 2020, before the CCP Virus was declared a pandemic, the CCP had already begun hoarding large quantities of essential and quality medical supplies from countries including Australia, the United States, knowing in advance that there would be a health crisis.

The DailyMail posted a video where a 90-ton shipment of medical supplies in Australia can be seen being transported to China on Feb. 8.

Similarly, according to a Newsmax report, Beijing purchased $17.6 million in medical supplies from the United States before the pandemic because the Trump administration felt that it would help China contain the virus within its borders.

However, it did not. After the initial outbreak in Wuhan Province, China closed its local borders but allowed 5 million Chinese from Wuhan to fly to Europe, and in fact, many of them went to Lombardy Province, where it was the most fatal initial outbreak in Italy and then the disease spread to Spain and the rest of Europe.

The CCP’s plan did not end there. When the whole world needed medical supplies, Beijing began to sell its defective products all over the world.

According to a BBC report on March 30, Spain, Holland, and Turkey denounced that both masks and Chinese test kits were not working properly. Despite all this, other countries such as Argentina, which also has a socialist government, spent up to $10 million on Chinese medical supplies, even though the contagion did not start until May.

These Chinese products were defective and it was the same Chinese communist regime that allowed an epidemic to turn into a pandemic, when the CCP first bought the best medical products from advanced countries and then sold its junk, why do these governments continue to give life to the CCP? These actions just show a total disregard for the lives of their people.

To this day, except for the Australian government and the Trump administration who directly blamed the CCP for the pandemic, no other countries have publicly called for an investigation into the origin of the CCP Virus to finally hold the communist regime accountable for its crimes.

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