Thousands of Albanian opposition supporters on Saturday clashed with police in an anti-government rally to protest what they say is a corrupt and inefficient Cabinet, asking for its resignation and early elections.

Supporters of center-right Democratic Party-led rally broke police ranks as they tried to enter the building of leftist Socialist Party Prime Minister Edi Rama.

They threw flares and other objects and tried to destroy a protective cover at the main door, which was later broken. They did not go inside.

Police offered little resistance, staying on the side, although they used tear gas and water cannons, and spoke through loudspeakers calling on the protesters to disperse.

Two ambulances cars were seen taking protesters allegedly affected by the tear gas.

After letting protesters stay for some minutes at the main door, police again formed a cordon.

In an interview with The Associated Press before the rally, Democrats’ leader Lulzim Basha said they want the government to resign, a transitional Cabinet and early elections “in order to restore democracy through a parliament that is elected by the will of people and not the money or the threats of the criminals.”


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