A woman became the world’s second documented patient to naturally reverse her HIV infection on Nov. 16.

Clinicians have confirmed an anonymous Argentine woman, who is widely known as the “Esperanza patient,” cured herself without medication or treatment.

“I do not have to medicate, and I live as though nothing has happened,” she said according to NBC News. “This already is a privilege.”

The 30 year-old was first diagnosed HIV-positive back in the year 2013. However, 10 conventional viral load test results failed to detect the virus years later. This strongly suggests her own immune system was so strong it stopped HIV replication, and completely killed off the virus.

Researchers have no way to conclusively prove she eradicated the virus, and describe the phenomenon as a “sterilizing cure.” They found no HIV genetic material after completing a thorough analysis of nearly 1.7 billion cells, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The broadcaster revealed researcher Xu Yu wants to know exactly how the “Esperanza” and earlier “Hope” patients reversed their HIV condition.

“This is really the miracle of the human immune system that did it,” said Yu, who works at the Ragon Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard in Boston.

Carl Dieffenbach believes there is no evidence to suggest only two people reversed their HIV across the world. The AIDS division director from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health believes there might be more “sterilizing cure” patients.

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