An Italian lawyer and medical experts are fighting an authorisation to administer Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine on children as young as 12-years-old. They are also challenging a mandatory vaccination order for health workers who object to being immunized on safety grounds.

Lawyer Renate Holzeisen has filed a lawsuit at the General Court of the European Union (EU), alleging the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccine is unnecessary for children. This is due to the extremely low risk of developing a severe case, and existence of proven and safe alternative treatments, according to a statement from medical experts obtained by the Daily Expose.

“It has been proven that serious complications of Covid 19 (CCP Virus) disease (which occur in a very small percentage of sufferers) are primarily due to inadequate treatment of the symptoms of the disease in the first days of illness,” the court documents said.

Holzeisen believes General Practitioners or primary care physicians in private practice, who researched the available information themselves, achieved successful results through using hydroxychloroquine to treat patients. This happened despite them defying official instructions and recommendations from the Ministry of Health and European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The lawyer and doctors described the Pfizer vaccine as far from effective. They denounced the company’s advertised 95 percent efficacy in adults and 100 percent efficacy in adolescents, calling it extremely misleading since these figures refer to relative efficacy–not absolute efficacy. 

They also claimed Pfizer, EMA and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have systematically ignored pre-clinical animal test results that foreshadowed the vaccine’s adverse side-effects and potentially life threatening dangers.

“The EU must take measures to set high standards of quality and safety for medicinal products and medical devices,” the document said.

The document also cited article three of the EU Charter which states, “(1) Everyone has the right to physical and mental integrity. (2) In the context of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular: the free informed consent of the person concerned, in accordance with the modalities established by law … [and] the prohibition of using the human body and parts thereof as such for the purpose of profit.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of hundreds of health care workers across the jurisdiction. Thousands of health care workers from across Europe have also joined the legal challenge.

“My clients are applying for permission for these medical products to be withdrawn,” according to the Daily Expose. “We have uncovered extensive evidence showing that they have not been properly tested. We also know that they kill people.”

The lawyer added the EU’s policy on mandatory CCP Virus vaccination is illegal, and experimental vaccines cannot be imposed on people without prior consent. He revealed the policy is even causing discrimination between people who accept the vaccine and those who do not.

“People who are brave enough to stand up to this are losing their jobs, it is very cruel,” he said according to the publication. “We as lawyers have a duty to protect them–it is what we are trained to do.”

Why kids should not have Pfizer vaccine 

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy associate professor Peter Doshi recently raised questions about Pfizer vaccine trials results at a June 10 FDA meeting between Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee members.

Although absolute risk reduction is advertised to be less than 1 percent, the professor revealed the primary endpoint measured is a reduction in severity instead of the vaccine’s ability to prevent infections or save lives per se.

Pfizer boasts a 100 percent efficacy rate in the 12 to 15 age group. However, Doshi believes this is based on less than 2 percent of the placebo group contracting the CCP Virus, while none in the fully vaccinated group actually fell ill.

An informed decision to vaccinate should be made after completing a risk-benefit analysis, where the benefit far outweighs potential risks involved according to the professor.

Health experts sometimes claim that vaccinating children is necessary, even if they have natural immunity, because it benefits adults. This practice is sometimes called “cocooning” and has never been proven effective, according to Childrens Health Defense.

A total of 6,332 adverse side-effects have been reported in young people aged between 12 and 17. This includes seven deaths and 271 “serious” events.

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