A pastor, in south Africa, who has been spearfishing for the past decade miraculously survived without any major injuries after he accidentally shot himself straight through his head with a speargun.

The horrific incident occurred on Aug. 30 at a beach in Scottburgh, a coastal town located outside of Durban, South Africa. Pastor and diver Connie Hallowell was out underwater collecting fishing sinkers when a wave caused him to accidentally pull the gun’s trigger.

Hallowell said the wave crashed on him and smashed the loaded speargun against a reef, shooting the nearly 5-foot-long spear through his head. The arrow went into his cheek, passed behind the eyeballs, but without affecting the brain or sight.

The diver was helped out by a fisherman who was in the place. The fisherman used a grinder to cut the ends of the spear. Subsequently, Hallowell was airlifted to a trauma hospital.

Hallowell suffered from an orbital fracture, but amazingly received no other horrific injuries.

He was due to be released from hospital Sept. 2. He’s had an incredible escape.

As a pastor at a church in Umkomaas, South Africa, Hallowell began reading the Bible as soon as he got his phone after the accident.

“I never thought I was going to die,” he said. “I just knew that I wanted to live.”

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