Sweden, the country that completely refuses to employ lockdown and mask mandates throughout the entire battle with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus since last year, is surprisingly seeing a low death toll this month despite spikes in Delta-related infections. 

Last week, Sweden recorded 1,855 new cases of the CCP Virus (COVID-19), a 24% rise over the previous week. The health authority said approximately a quarter of the new infections were from traveling abroad. 

“The number of cases nationally of COVID-19 continues to be at a low level, but an increase is seen in all metropolitan regions,” said the health authority in a statement, adding that the Delta variant dominated the country’s new infections, per Reuters

Infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths from the disease declined dramatically during the early summer after a third wave in the spring. With the vaccine roll-out and warmer weather considered helping to slow the spread, the outlet noted.

Meanwhile, data from Worldometers revealed that between July 13 and July 24, the country had recorded no new CCP Virus related deaths. Beforehand from the beginning of July, Sweden only reported six new fatalities. As of the previous month alone, the total death rate was 87 cases. 

Among the 8,707 active cases, only 20 (0.2%) patients were reported in critical conditions, whereas those with mild symptoms took over 99.8%. 

Vaccination rates in Sweden were not as progressive either. According to Our World In Data, by July 24, the country only had 39.03% of its population fully vaccinated, with a further 22.37% partly vaccinated against the CCP Virus. The doses being rolled out in Sweden are Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines.

vaccine roll out in Sweden, July 24, 2021 (Our World In Data/Screenshot via TheBL)

Sweden was the country that took the eccentric route to battle with the CCP Virus from the beginning and ultimately refused to impose lockdowns and mask mandates. On the other hand, the policies all came down to voluntary restrictions with confined capacity in public gatherings. 

In fact, when July started, Sweden’s Public Health Agency announced that it stopped recommending masks during rush hour on public transport. 

According to Reuters, the agency did not believe in the effectiveness of covering the face in order to prevent CCP Virus transmission, given that there was little evidence, plus people may use the masks as an excuse to avoid isolation when experiencing symptoms.

“Face masks may be needed in some situations. Those situations have not arisen in Sweden yet, according to our dialogue with the (healthcare) regions,” said Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell in a news conference last year. 

“WHO is clear that the state of evidence for masks is weak. All studies so far suggest that it is much more important to keep your distance than to have a face mask.”

Nonetheless, when comparing the statistics in Sweden to the other Nordic countries with similar populations, the numbers showed that Sweden was affected much the worse. 

However, its death rate remained lower than that of many other European countries.

This could be due to unique elements of Sweden, such as the high number of individuals who live alone and high trust in the government. It suggests that citizens are more inclined to follow advice even if there are no explicit restrictions, experts said as reported by Business Insider.

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