A Philippines woman was disturbed to find a deep-fried towel in her fried chicken delivery from fast food chain Jollibee.

Alique Perez published a Facebook video of the sickening discovery which has been shared over 80,000 times.

According to reports, the woman bought the fast food from a Jollibee restaurant in Taguig city via Grab, a local food delivery system. “This is really disturbing … How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it!?!?” she wrote on Facebook.

Perez claimed that she was facing problems cutting through her son’s chicken meal. After breaking apart the batter with her hands, the fast-food fan uncovered a “deep fried towel” inside, much like in a bizarro unpacking clip, reports NYPost.

As the video focused in on her extra-chewy filling, she complained, “Worst experience ever.”

The public was stunned by her deep-fried disaster. One responder said, “That’s disgusting.”

Another commented: “Your Health and other people’s health were compromised due to mishandling.”

Perez did not mention if she contacted Jollibee in her post on Facebook.

“I really thought that the post complaining about weird stuff in their orders were just all made up, now I know that it really happens!” she posted.

Jollibee confirmed in an announcement that the restaurant where the order was made would be closed to retrain the personnel and guarantee that all food preparation rules are followed.

“Jollibee has carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure that we deliver excellent quality products and customer satisfaction. We will continue to endeavor to deliver on the high standards we have set for ourselves and franchisees,” the company said.

A charge of mishandling food may result in a penalty of up to $3,600 and a six-month closure for the business, according to Vice News.

That is not the first time somebody has found an unwelcome discovery in their food. In 2019, a UK couple published photos of a human tooth they said to have discovered in a box of Chinese food.

Stephanie McDonough uploaded a gruesome Facebook picture of a human chomper in a meal from Newtown Road Cantonese Take-Away.

McDonough said she and her husband David Burrows were eating Chinese takeaway at their Warndon home suddenly, Burrows spat a solid item into his dish.

McDonough supposedly complained to the owner of Newtown Cantonese. The employer, however, refuted her allegations.

Following her objections, the irritated customer was only refunded 6.30 pounds ($8.10) for the tainted curry and not the entire meal’s 17.70 pounds.