On Sunday, June 28, the Tibetan Central Administration (CTA), better known as the Tibetan government in exile, asked the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to hold a special session on “human rights violations” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Tibet, as well as in other regions.

According to News 18, the Dharamshala-based office of the Tibetan government-in-exile also called on the international community to provide a guarantee that the CCP will comply with its obligations under international law, including its human rights obligations.

Lobsang Sangay, president of the CTA said in a statement, “We strongly urge the UNHRC and member states to hold a special session to evaluate the human rights violations being carried out by China [the CCP] and to establish a country mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on China to monitor, analyze and report annually on the human rights situation in Tibet and other regions under the People’s Republic of China.”

Sangay similarly stressed that the CTA, as well as Tibetans both inside and outside Tibet, support the experts’ call to the UN Human Rights Council to act urgently against human rights violations.

The complaint filed with the UNHCR specified the intervention of a special rapporteur to advocate for fundamental freedoms in other occupied regions of China such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong, the Hindustan Times reported.

An example of the draconian measures imposed by the CCP against human rights in the region of Xinjiang, historically populated by Muslim Uighurs, is the constant decrease in the birth rate as a result of the persecution and repression against them.

According to an investigation by The Associated Press, government statistics, state documents, and interviews with 30 former prisoners, relatives, and a former instructor of a detention camp have proved that there is currently what some experts call a “demographic genocide.”

Regarding the situation in Tibet, Sangay said that for decades the CCP had been subjugating the Tibetan people, calling their relationship with that region not far from “cultural genocide.”

“The tortures, enforced disappearances, and destructions of monasteries carried out by the government of China [the CCP] against Tibetans are acts of crimes against humanity and do not fall short of being categorized as ‘cultural genocide’,” Sangay said.

“The persecution and suppression via high-tech surveillance by China [the CCP] have forced 154 Tibetans from different walks of life in Tibet to self-immolate as a mark of peaceful protest against the Chinese authorities since 2009,″ he added, according to the information portal OPIndia.

According to estimates given by U.N. experts, the violations by the CCP threaten global peace and security and cause human rights emergencies around the world.

As OPIndia reported, that Sangay had previously warned Nepal that the CCP was seeking to occupy the entire subcontinent since the 1960s after the occupation of Tibet. According to Sangay the CCP was seeking to emulate the same thing with Nepal.

Sangay pointed out that Beijing was preparing its ‘five fingers‘ plan, in which the palm is Tibet, while Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh would be the five fingers.

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