According to a report based by eyewitnesses, Cuba is once again in a worldwide scandal as it has been confirmed that the Cuban Communist Party is locking up people with the CCP Virus in illegal camps. According to allegations, the conditions and services in the so-called isolation centers are appalling and the inmates are being forced to receive untested antiviral treatments.

The Global Liberty Alliance (GLA), a human rights advocacy group that focuses on legal assistance to political dissidents, verified ongoing reports of Cuban citizens being forced into “isolation centers” when they are suspected of carrying the CCP Virus. 

The camp’s existence was confirmed by the organization, as well as the appalling sanitary conditions, is located in downtown Santa Clara.

As reported by the GLA, a person linked to the Cuban Ministry of Public Health confirmed that health personnel frequently go into neighborhoods knocking on doors, asking how many people live in each house and whether they are experiencing respiratory symptoms or fever associated with the CCP Virus.

People suspected of having the virus are being transported to an isolation center, which is a minimally equipped school. They are isolated for five days, given a COVID-19 PCR test, and if they test positive, they are sent to a military hospital. If they test negative, they must stay an additional five days before retesting.

The report corroborated earlier revelations by independent Cuban media that the isolation centers are precarious camps where potential patients with the virus are kept close enough that the virus was spreading within the facility.

The allegations also report that authorities provided almost inedible food to those forced to stay there. Cubanet, a dissident online media outlet, published photographs of one of the “meals” at a Havana camp that appeared to feature two hard-boiled eggs, a piece of boiled root vegetable and white rice.

“An example of the food they give the isolation center of the UCI (University of Computer Sciences), in Havana,” Cubanet’s tweet reads.

But among the most alarming revelations of the GLA report is the fact that the Cuban government is using unproven interferon treatments on people infected with the virus and then, they are transferred from school facilities turned into health camps to the  Military Hospital.

“Companions of COVID-negative people receive Nasalferon drops twice a day to ‘prevent contagion,’ while COVID-positive patients receive interferon injections,” the GLA report states.

Cuban state media has been promoting for weeks the treatment with nasal interferon (Nasalferon), which is being applied on a compulsory basis to those infected.

The Cuban presidency said in a tweet that the new protocol against the pandemic includes the home administration of Nasalferon to contacts and cohabitants by health personnel.

Interferons are antivirals that can generate adverse side effects in people. However, some studies have shown that one type of interferon, interferon beta, may have some positive effects in the fight against sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infections, a disease caused by a different coronavirus. 

Taking this into consideration, Cuba has spent the past year promoting the use of a different interferon, Interferon-alpha 2b, against the CCP Virus, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

“When the Government of Cuba assures that the Interferon developed in Cuba cures the coronavirus [CCP Virus], it is committing a serious crime against world public health, since this drug not only lacks any scientific proof, but also where it has been tested has already given null results of encouragement,” a group of doctors denounced in April 2020 in response to the campaign, in a statement through the human rights organization Cuban Prisoners Defenders.


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