Showing a reverse trend to the United States, European communities with low vaccination rates are seeing low rates of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or COVID-19 Virus case rises. 

On July 16, Corona Realism, a German public account on Twitter, posted the statistics provided by a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, Our World Data, which demonstrated a trend of infection rates that contradicted the situation reported in the United States. The data indicates that low vaccination rates correspond to low infection cases. 

“Something really odd is going on,” the post read. “In Europe we are seeing surges at many places where most of the population has already been vaccinated.”

The graphs attached to the post show that, in order,  the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Malta were the countries that had the most dramatic spike in new infections between July 4 and July 15 despite being the nations that have the most vaccinated communities. 

In contrast, 15 other countries, which showed a very confined proportion of vaccinated residents, had less significant case rises.

Supposedly, since the vaccines mean to offer protection against infection by the CCP Virus, places with the most unvaccinated citizens should have correspondingly come with higher counts of new cases. 

This may raise some questions as to what had been reported inside the United States, where the usual notion that a more vaccinated community would come with fewer CCP Virus infected patients is to the fore. 

However, one minor part of the graphs may have been ignored: the rates of vaccinated residents of the said countries were only the rates of those that took one dose of the vaccines. 

Typically, a person should receive two doses of the vaccines in order to be considered fully immunized. However, a U.K. analysis in May revealed that one dose of the vaccines only offers roughly 33% protection against the Delta variant, according to Business Insider.

Nonetheless, low vaccination rates that go hand in hand with low positive cases in the face of the Delta variant on the loose are not the case worldwide. 

Australia, which has had its capital under lockdown restrictions since the end of June, only had 12.03% of its citizens fully vaccinated, with those that received at least one dose accounting for 29.45%, according to the Sydney Morning Herald tracker

In late May, the country only recorded roughly 10 to 20 new cases per day, but since last week, it had been recording more than 100 new infections daily, according to data by Worldometers.

Indonesia, the country that surpassed India and became the new CCP Virus epicenter, only had 5.5% of its population fully vaccinated, reported 54,517 new cases on July 14, CNN reported

Japan, which announced a CCP Virus emergency state two weeks ago, was far behind Western countries in rolling out its vaccination drive, with only 15% of its population fully vaccinated, hit another six-month high in new infections on July 22, with 1,979 new cases.  

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