England and India introduced an interconnected solar grid agreement at the COP26 climate summit Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Dubbed the Green Grids Initiative—One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG), the plan aims to boost faster transition to greener energy, according to Reuters.

Endorsed by more than 80 nations worldwide, the linked grids are expected to make global access to renewable energy more stable and affordable in nine years to come.

“If the world has to move to a clean and green future, these interconnected transnational grids are going to be critical solutions,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the outlet quoted.

Thanks to GGI-OSOWOG, areas can still ensure the generation of solar power even at night from connection to those of the opposite time zone, making it easier for developing nations to meet their energy needs.

Touted for being a collective effort not to leave anyone behind in solving climate change, critics are worried the plan could be ambitiously costly. 

“We’re talking about transmission networks that will need to be undersea,” said Kartikeya Singh, senior associate at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. “They will need to cross mountain ranges. They’ll need to cross deserts.”

The scheme will promote global interconnectivity across the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia by utilizing African power pools, the India Times reported.

Although details of the expenses and financing methods relating to GGI-OSOWOG were not revealed at the Tuesday climate talk, the Times noted the U.K. had previously promised to assist the technical, financial, and research into the project in May this year. 

Senior vice president for sustainable investing at Impax Asset Management, Julie Gorte, observed that India was willing to cooperate as long as it received help from international powers.

“Left to their own devices India is going to build coal plants,” she said.

Connecting world energy grids is only one among other proposals discussed to accelerate the movement to affordable green technology, covering more than 70% of the global economy.

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