Colombian media reports state that in a joint operation between local authorities and the U.S. embassy, they dismantled a gang of five people who sold newborn babies to networks of human traffickers in Europe, who resold them to ‘mafias’ involved in satanic sects.

El Heraldo de Colombia reported that after several months of investigation, the Attorney General’s Office, Colombian Migration, the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI), and the National Army, together with the Security Services of the U.S. Embassy, managed to dismantle a gang of five people, led by a Venezuelan woman, an Ecuadorian and a Colombian, dedicated to trafficking newborn babies.

“The organization approached the pregnant women and once the babies were born, they were handed over to be sold, while they were irregularly registered and then taken out of the country to Ecuador and possibly to Europe,” stated a police source.

The women were pregnant Venezuelan women who were in a precarious state, possibly living on the streets or in shelters without resources and vulnerable to manipulation by these individuals.

For each baby, the traffickers were offering 30 thousand euros (US $ 35,000). According to the investigation carried out by the joint operation, the figure and the gang’s mode of operation are similar to those observed in other parts of the world.

One of the people captured revealed during the interrogation that the networks of traffickers to whom they sold the children had links with several organizations in Europe dedicated to child trafficking.

“That person told us that one of the networks in Europe told them that they sold the minors to whoever paid the best, and that some of the mafias that pay the best are those involved with satanic sects that drink the blood of minors,” a police source told the media outlet.

Some of the babies were also sold for adoption to homosexual couples.

The gang operated in the city of Cúcuta, in northern Santander, and consisted of at least five people. During the arrests, a baby was rescued and sent to the Colombian Family Welfare Institute.

Two of the arrested members managed to escape before the interrogations began.

It is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 people are victims of human trafficking each year, including children, men, and women. However, the figures are not precise because many cases are not properly reported.

Globally, according to a non-profit organization, more than 45 million people are victims of human trafficking, either subjected to sexual exploitation or slave labor. Of the 45 million, 10 million are children.

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