While the widespread destruction of Colombia’s infrastructure continues, and the inhabitants suffer deprivations of all kinds, a controversial dialogue has been established between the Colombian government and the alleged representatives of the protesters.      

However, “Nobody knows why and nobody knows for what purpose or under what conditions,” says the prominent Colombian lawyer, economist, and politician, Fernando Londoño Hoyos, in an editorial on May 7. 

For Londoño, there is no guarantee that the riots will cease with the so-called dialogue. If that had been a condition to start them, Colombians would already have guaranteed free access to food and normalization of the usual rhythm of life.

On the contrary, the disturbances continue, which is the strategy of molecular revolution dissipated, to impose a Marxist-Leninist regime, according to Londoño.

With this devastating procedure, the promoters of the dialogue substitute the will of the nation, which assumes itself to be represented only by the democratically elected Congress.

Such a bizarre dialogue could prove fatal because, although the powers of the president, Iván Duque, are contained in the constitution, his interlocutors could exceed those provisions with their demands, thus leading to a coup d’état. That says Chilean Alexis López is the objective of the dissipated molecular revolution. 

Lopez was a member of the Nazi movement in Chile and trained Colombian students in these strategies. He was linked to former president Álvaro Uribe. He is said to have been an ‘ideologist’ according to the Internet user Arteaga @EpicuroDeSamos_.

“The ‘ideologist’ who was a few months ago teaching the ‘dissipated molecular revolution’ in military schools in Colombia.'”

Arteaga added: “Uribe quoted a tweet referring to that concept and, coincidentally, a bloodbath was unleashed on the people.”

In fact, the interlocutors have no legitimacy, and to make the situation worse, Duque did not demand the end of the riots—and the violence continues—handing the nation into the hands of his adversaries. 

If they continue along this path, the Constitution would be changed: “to substitute the market economy for the central planning of communism,” predicts Londoño, which would lead the country to misery: “they lead us to slavery, they lead us to the ruin of the institutions, to the ruin of the country.”

On the other hand, globalism would desire Colombia, a country with great natural wealth bathed by the two oceans and with an incomparable geostrategic position.

George Soros, the multimillionaire financier of the world’s leftist groups, has spent decades interfering in South American governments to create a Marxist subcontinent.

One of the signs of Soros’s lifetime ambition is provided by Twitter user @MaruMarisa05. She adds photos of Soros with the Argentinean presidents of the last 30 years: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Carlos Menen, Néstor Kirchner, and the current Alberto Fernández, named by their position in the photos. 

Of course, Soros has also interfered with Colombian institutionality and is linked to its most influential politicians and finances many of supposedly impartial NGOs. 

Argentine author Agustin Laje identifies the procedure applied in other countries in the Americas taking place in Colombia.  

“In Colombia they are applying the same strategy as in Chile, the United States, Peru … Everything is very trite. A spark; everything burns; the left comes to power and everything suddenly calms down. The dumb center-right does not know what to do, because it has not prepared for this”.

Likewise, journalist Vanessa Vallejo confirms that these are not peaceful demonstrations initiated by citizens outraged by the country’s inept administration and postulates that Colombians will not give in easily. 

“What is happening in Colombia is the same old tactic of the left: since they did NOT win the elections, now they want to take power by force,” she warns. 

And she adds hopefully: “The great value of Colombian society is that the good guys have always been willing to confront each other to defend their country.”

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