A Chinese legend in soccer has been blacklisted in China after he criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and said it is not worthy of existing in the world, demanding reform.

With a history of criticizing the CCP, China’s all-time record-holding goalscorer in soccer has created a storm in his home country, and his name has become the most censored word in China this week, even surpassing the phrase Tiananmen Square.

Hao Haidong, who retired from soccer in 2006 was one of China’s most admired athletes and a poster boy for the CCP. His record haul of 41 goals for the national team, made him a star, and he took China to its first and only appearance in the World Cup in 2002. He now resides in Spain, where his son plays professional soccer, reported Bitter Winter.

With over 7 million followers on Weibo, after an interview he did that was posted on YouTube, the CCP wiped his Weibo account, and sports media was instructed to never mention his name.

The controversy began on June 4, the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary, when he was filmed in an interview on American activist Steve Bannon’s website, condemning the CCP and calling for its demise.

Also appearing in the video was his wife Ye Zhaoying, a former Olympic medalist in badminton.

Hao Haidong and wife Ye Zhaoying. (Screenshot/Sky News)

Hao read off an 18 point manifesto, and spoke of how he had at first believed in the Party but had “reached the conclusion” that the CCP should be “kicked out of humanity,” labeling it a “terrorist organization.”

Hao condemned the CCP for its repression of citizens in Hong Kong and Tibet, the Tiananmen Square massacre, and the threats it is making toward Taiwan. He also mentioned the CCP crackdown on religions and the corruption in Chinese soccer.

Although YouTube is blocked in China, the video amazingly made it through, until Titan, one of the biggest state-run sites in China, condemned the video, then removed it.

Hao is known for his criticism of the CCP, but he usually focused on sports issues such as corruption in soccer, and it was a first for him to openly criticize the Party.

Now, for telling the world the truth about the Communist Party and its oppression of innocent people, the corrupt regime has attempted to erase him from the history books.

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