In a revealing interview, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò again warned of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship and its connections with Joe Biden, the Vatican, and deep state. He also spoke of the electoral fraud that harmed President Trump and the complicity of the media.

In a candid interview with Steve Bannon, Viganò stated that the CCP is allied with the “deep global state” to achieve goals they have in common. 

To fulfill these goals, it was first necessary for the economic power of the CCP to spread throughout the world, invading all the national markets on the planet, as has been evident for the last 40 years.

The CCP implemented in China the annulment of religions, replacing it with the power of the state and the Party. According to the archbishop, this idea of the state replacing the traditional and spiritual beliefs of society has many elements in common with the “universal religion desired by the globalist ideology,” which has as its spiritual leader Pope Francis. 

According to Viganò, the pope’s role in this sinister plan is key. Who would have carried out an infamous betrayal of the righteous values of the Catholic Church. The “deep church” in this infernal project, at the hand of Pope Francis, “has deprived Chinese Catholics of the indefectible defense that the papacy had always been for them.

As The BL opportunely stated, we find ourselves before an infamous betrayal of the mission of the Catholic Church, carried out by its highest leaders in open conflict with those members of the clandestine Chinese Catholic hierarchy who have remained faithful to the traditional values of the Vatican.

When Bannon asked the archbishop about the relationship between the deep state, the globalists, and the recent U.S. presidential elections, Viganò responded, “I simply consider who Trump’s adversary is and his numerous ties to China, the deep state, and the advocates of globalist ideology. I think of his intention to condemn us all to wear masks, as he has candidly admitted. I think of the fact that, incontestably, he is only a puppet in the hands of the elite, who are ready to remove him as soon they decide to replace him with Kamala Harris.”

He also clarified that, beyond the political forms and ideas of each person, there should be a universal desire that the victory of the president who is legally elected be guaranteed, something that appears not to be happening.

An enormous number of serious allegations of fraud cast doubt on the outcome of the elections, and the evident corrupt actions of officials and judges who are not doing their duty further cloud the picture.

In summary, Viganò stated: “On the one hand we have the Trump administration and the traditional values that it holds in common with those of Catholics; on the other hand, we have the deep state of the self-styled Catholic Joe Biden, who is subservient to the globalist ideology and its perverse, anti-human, antichrist, infernal agenda.”

Finally, Viganò reflected on the opportunity that politicians have at this time, referring to Jan. 6 when they have the option of validating Biden’s electoral votes or not, to safeguard the integrity of human society along with its “traditional values of religion, family, respect for life, inviolable rights of the human person, and national sovereignty.”