ChinaAid, a religious freedom organization, released a video on a cellphone on Monday, May 4, showing Chinese officials carrying out a violent raid on a church in Fujian Province.

In the raid, which took place at Xingguang Church in Xianmen city, officials forcibly intervened without any order and tried to confiscate the mobile phones of the parishioners to prevent recordings of their arrival.

However, the moment was captured by some of those present, showing the way the officers blocked the entrance of the compound, shouting and arresting one parishioner while struggling with some others present.

In the disturbance that was also recorded by some of the neighbors, several women who were participating in the meeting were mistreated. In one scene, there was the image of the police breaking down barriers and arresting several of the Christians. The church was eventually closed.

According to Fox News, a pastor in Hunan Province was arrested last month on a “subversion” charge after authorities conducted a search of his home.

Regarding the recent incident, International Christian Concern (ICC) confirmed that a dozen security guards and officials from the local Ethnic and Religious Bureau were present at the scene.

The officers who broke into the religious service ended up capturing six of those present, who were only released at 9 p.m. that same day and were then greeted with applause and hugs by their relatives once they were able to leave the police station.

The congregation that was raided by the Chinese officials is part of the well-known house churches, organized to gather Christian faithful who wish to be able to profess their faith freely, which makes them targets of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that persecutes those who defend their faith outside the guidelines of the CCP.

The church’s pastor, Yang Xibo, said that the presence of the authorities in the compound, which had previously suffered a similar altercation, was due to their repeated response of refusing to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

As Bitter Winter magazine pointed out, the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association was established in 1957 by the CCP, whose fundamentally atheistic ideology greatly restricts the dogmas that give meaning to the Christian faith.

Since its foundation in 1921, the Chinese Communist Party has carried out countless campaigns of violent insurrection until it rose to power in 1945, when it began to intensify its repressive action against traditions, suppressing the faith and spirituality of its fellow citizens.

The best known is the one that has taken place since 1999 against the practitioners of the ancient Chinese discipline called Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, raising the concern of international human rights organizations and representatives.