According to Belgian intelligence documents from 2010 and 2016, there are suspicions that spies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are infiltrating the EU and targeting Belgian biological warfare and vaccine experts, as well as Belgian high-tech companies.

According to an investigation by the EU Observer, which reviewed confidential Belgian reports from 2010 to 2016, the spying also targeted the British pharmaceutical giant and vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The reports produced by Belgium’s national security service, Veiligheid van de Staat (VSSE), were supposed to alert the authorities to threats of military, scientific, and medical espionage by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), although they did not prove a direct link to the current CCP Virus or coronavirus pandemic.

As for the investigations, the Chinese mission to the European Union rejected any suggestion of suspicious behavior, making it clear to the EU Observer that it always acted “in accordance with local law.”

The Belgian national security service also pointed out that the CCP was apparently not the only one that was interested in the issue, noting in reports that Belgium’s leading biological weapons expert, Jean-Luc Gala, had a suspicious Russian assistant.

The CCP has a long history of espionage and infiltration, as determined by U.S. intelligence authorities that have found links of the Chinese regime with high profile U.S. institutions such as Harvard or public health institutions.

In an effort by U.S. authorities to block CCP attempts to steal scientific and technological advances, a chairman of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Biology and two Chinese researchers working for Boston University and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center were indicted earlier this year, Reuters reported.

The specialists’ work is allegedly related to covert projects to recruit international experts in scientific research, such as the program known as the Thousand Talents Plan, which was established in 2008 by the CCP.

As for biological warfare and vaccines, one of the reports produced in 2016 by the Belgian national security service states, “This area is of great interest to Chinese [CCP intelligence] services. Both defensively, because China, due to its overpopulation, is very exposed to epidemics, as well as offensively, since it has studied Ebola as an offensive vector.”

Martin Zizi, a former Belgian expert and inspector of biological weapons for the army, told the EU Observer, “I was as much a target from the U.S., Russian, Chinese, or even African sides.” According to a VSSE report, Zizi was targeted by CCP spies in 2010, while working as a science teacher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

According to the document Zizi had a friendly relationship with a Chinese scientist who had been introduced into the scientific and medical milieu” in Belgium.

However, the scientist had close links with the CCP army, for which he also worked, and the report indicated that there were concerns about the connection he might have with the CCP.

According to the Belgian national security service, the CCP also reportedly targeted the Centre for Applied Molecular Technologies (CTMA), a Belgian company working in conjunction with a private-military partnership.

The company, which focuses on biological weapons research, was also targeted for espionage while it was deploying mobile laboratories to remote areas of Guinea while testing a Japanese antiviral drug called Avigan, which is also being tested as a possible treatment for the CCP Virus.

According to the VSSE, the CTMA was “ahead of its time on the subject of bioterrorism.”

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