The Chinese regime increased by 1,290 the number of deaths caused by the CCP Virus in the city of Wuhan, thus correcting by more than 50% the previous report arguing delays and omissions.

It seems to be a reaction to the multiple indications that the number of victims from the CCP Virus should be much higher than those indicated in the official reports, said Reuters.

The number of infections also rose to 50,333, or 60 percent of China’s total of 82,367, according to official sources.

Among the signs pointed out by the agency are images showing long lines of relatives searching for the ashes of their loved ones, cremated after falling ill to the virus, and large numbers of urns in funeral homes, ready to be filled.

“In the early stage, due to limited hospital capacity and the shortage of medical staff, a few medical institutions failed to connect with local disease control and prevention systems,” official sources of the Chinese regime reported, according to Reuters.

Concealing the seriousness of the pathogen’s emergence is one of the charges leveled against the Chinese regime by many governments.

Taiwan Ambassador to Argentina Antonio Hsieh, said he prefers to believe the stories of Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Marquez rather than those of China, alluding to the fact that the data provided by the Chinese regime is not transparent.

Although the first infected person was officially reported on Dec. 1, images captured by U.S. intelligence services indicate that the health emergency could have begun in late November.

It was not until Jan. 20 that the Chinese regime publicly warned of the epidemic, but by then millions of Chinese had left China, and tens of thousands of them had entered the United States.

The Chinese regime is accused of the devastating consequences caused by the spread of the CCP Virus, and several multibillion-dollar lawsuits have been filed against it, seeking to compensate for the economic damage suffered by many countries.

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